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  1. TCSoCal

    GEN 1 Raptor Power Steering Saga - HELP :)

    Hi There - We have a 2011 Super Crew with 125k miles on it. The PS pump blew and I replaced the pump, belt, all pulleys and it blew another pump. I then replaced the rack and pinion plus new hoses all around.....and it blew the pump again after only 40 miles of driving. Truck has 35s on it and I...
  2. KrautKabbage

    Carr Steps

    Does anybody have Carr steps, or any similar single steps on their Gen 1? I’m looking for something other than the shin killing factory running boards. Would like to see some pictures if anybody has something. Google was of no help. Thank you, Luke.
  3. HK92

    GEN 2 Gen 2 more problematic than Gen 1?

    I have a Gen 1, but I'm currently looking to sell it ( I'm thinking about buying a Gen 2 after getting rid of my current one. However, (maybe I'm going crazy but) from browsing FRF I've noticed that Gen...
  4. HK92

    GEN 2 SC Gen 1 vs. Stock Gen 2

    Has anyone found any videos of a SC Gen 1 racing a stock Gen 2? I think I saw one a while ago at Silver Lake but that was pretty unfair since the race was on sand.
  5. HK92

    GEN 2 Gen 2 vs. Gen 1 MPG

    For those of you who switched over to a Gen 2 from a Gen 1, did you notice any improvements in MPG? I know Ford lists Gen 1 as 11-14 and Gen 2 as 15-18, but those numbers seem a bit off from what I've gathered.
  6. Louisiana Barefoot

    Body Mount on Gen 1 Missing or Is It?

    I'm having trouble locating these body mounts. I bought the ones for a '14 F150 and discovered they are not the same. Anyone else had this problem? I found a diagram and it doesn't appear to have a bottom rubber, yet it looks to me like it should. My son says it doesn't look like any rubber was...
  7. KansasCityRaptor


    Finally picked up a Raptor. It's been a dream of mine for a while, and the dream has finally come true. 2011 6.2L, SCREW, 191K on the dash. Work completed since I got it home - Changed all the fluids, plugs, O2 sensors, Fuse 27, UCA's, wheel bearings, amber lights in the grill, shorty...
  8. lorenzo_spag

    Affordable suspension upgrades

    Hey everyone. I plan this summer to spend some time and money to replace my rear leaf springs and possibly upgrade some other suspension components to improve the overall ride if possible. I had all four Fox factory shocks rebuilt in the past year, but I still feel every little bump in the road...
  9. F

    SELLING Gen 1 Seats (Driver and Passenger)

    Came out of my 2010, they work fine besides seat heaters and that little bolster switch. I upgraded to slightly newer ones, no need for these now. $800 OBO for pair Located in Fort Worth TX, local pickup preferred. 817-709-93eight6
  10. HK92

    2011 White SCrew w/ 114k miles

    Hey, everyone. I bought my 2011 Screw back in December. Drove up from Georgia to North Carolina to pick it up. It had 4 previous owners and 114k miles, but it is in near impeccable condition cosmetically and pretty great mechanically as well. Previous owner was asking $35k, but I offered him...
  11. S

    WTB : Gen 1 Stock complete front shocks (rear too if included)

    WTB: Gen 1 stock front complete shocks. Will buy rear as well if needed to buy as a kit. Have to rebuild my ICON 3.0 front shocks and need the truck as a daily. Not many shops in BC Canada i know off can rebuild my Icons. Will pay shipping obviously or can pick up in upper washington if...
  12. JDMerk

    6.2 Radiator Leaks & Excessive Coolant Pressure

    I have a 2011 6.2 with chronic radiator leak issues. I'll start by saying that this truck has never overheated that I am aware of and when I bought it, it had an OEM Motorcraft radiator in it. About 2 years ago I noticed a small coolant leak that was manifesting itself as puddles on the...
  13. Popper864

    WTB Geiser Gen 1 springs

    Looking to purchase a set of Geiser springs new or used maybe a user has a used or spare pair laying around they would like to donate? :)
  14. WetDirt

    Rear slide window

    Hoping for advice that is easy AND cheap (lol). Behind the rear seats, I had pulled the contoured material cover that goes over the rear wall, seatbelt mechanisms and window motor to pull wires for lights I installed in the rear bumper. I bumped the cable that goes from the motor to the window...
  15. KrautKabbage

    Gen 1 Paddle Shifters

    I’ve finally got all the parts sourced. If anybody is legitimately interested please let me know. I won’t ask for any payment until I have all the parts assembled and ready to ship to you. The top picture is the standard shifters. The bottom picture is the current ones I have. Other colors are...
  16. D

    Gen 1 Front Camera Stopped Working After Rear Camera Replacement

    I had the rear camera go out on my 2012 gen 1. I got the error message saying the camera wasn’t working see dealer. I noticed that the front camera then became disabled all the time, even in low or 2wd locked and off road mode. I replaced the rear camera with an aftermarket camera from TRQ...
  17. R

    WTB stock Gen 1 grille

    If anyone has one for sale or even just an idea of where to look please let me know. Thanks!
  18. SVT_Slick

    New member in Indiana

    Hi, New to the forum and have had my first Raptor since about April of this year. I'm loving it and wishing I would have gotten one sooner! I'm not new to trucks and do all of my own mechanical work, but I am pretty new to Fords and specifically Raptors. Here to learn what I can and just enjoy...
  19. bubblehead93

    GEN 1 2010-2014 Raptor paddle shifter backfit from EcoPowerParts

    So this is everything you need ...
  20. MFNG

    GEN 1 Cab Rust and the Current Market

    Well, I am in a pickle: I got a 2014 two years ago and love it to death. A year ago I noticed paint bubbling in the driver cab corner. Fast forward one year later and there is very visible rust bubbling/stains. A slight tap on the area yesterday broke loose a quarter sized chunk, leaving a...
  21. O

    Gen1 Raptor Retrofit Headlights These have been sitting around and are now taking up space, and best offer takes em. If youre wondering about the price, this are OEM headlights– before RR went to replicas. Purchase price was ~$2200
  22. Dino Dad

    Looking for a First Gen (Preferably 13-14) Prices are Getting SO High

    Hi all, first time poster and new to the forum. I have wanted a Gen1 Raptor for 10+ years now. I had a cherry 1990 F-150 with 77K miles that I bought for my 40th a couple years back and then sold and made a nice profit as it was insanely clean. I sold it because it was a single cab and I have 3...
  23. bobbybee

    “Gunshot” type sound in 4x4

    Hello All, new to trucks and my first Ford. I have a 2012 Raptor extended cab with 65k miles. I bought it to go dune bashing. Truck has been running great until I decided to do some mods - off-road bumper, winch, lights and aftermarket beadlocks - nothing crazy. Can someone give me a clue to...
  24. BlackenedSVT

    5.4L vs 6.2L Gen1 Pros/Cons + Pricing in 2021

    New member here... Looking to purchase a Gen 1 Raptor, as a daily driver. Currently have a Dodge Challenger and looking to get back into not only owning an SVT again, but also a truck. This checks both boxes. I only drive 15-20miles (total) a day, to and from work usually. Seeing a lot of...
  25. J

    37” tires, need tuner

    Tapping the knowledge base for this one. What are the top 3 programmer/tuners that work for the 2013 raptor? -I have a contact in Arizona, so this does not need to be a CA legal list. What is regarded by the community as “the best” programmer/tuner?

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