1. DS550

    Suspension options at 140k

    New to the truck suspension game and trying to figure out a good balance of daily driving (90%) and off-road (10%). First off, the truck is a 2018 Gen2 with 140,000 miles. I would to just add an SVC mid-travel but think something more like the performance pack 1 or 2 without the new coilovers...
  2. Popper864

    WTB Geiser Gen 1 springs

    Looking to purchase a set of Geiser springs new or used maybe a user has a used or spare pair laying around they would like to donate? :)
  3. P

    WTB: Gen I-II shocks and struts.

    Looking for a set of front and rear shocks abs struts from a Gen I or II. Would accept OEM or OEM with geisers. Located in PNW Thank you!
  4. Vegas_Sirk

    Powder Coat Color To Match Fox Live Valve Shocks

    Hey guys, Anyone find a power coat that matches the Orange on the live valve fox shocks?
  5. IndianaRaptor

    Geiser Springs & Stock Leafs ?

    Been looking into leveling the truck and there is a lot of options from collars- Eibachs - Geisers. Leaning towards the Geisers due to them being progressive. I haven’t decided if I am going to just run 35’s or 37’s. The truck isn’t jumped or offroaded. Mainly just like the look and it’s a it’s...