1. HK92

    GEN 2 Gen 2 vs. Gen 1 MPG

    For those of you who switched over to a Gen 2 from a Gen 1, did you notice any improvements in MPG? I know Ford lists Gen 1 as 11-14 and Gen 2 as 15-18, but those numbers seem a bit off from what I've gathered.
  2. HK92

    GEN 1 Daily Driving with Supercharger

    I'm curious if anyone here daily drives their supercharged Gen 1... How much do you guys spend every month on gas? I daily my Raptor, and I'm considering supercharging it. Obviously, one of my concerns is the cost of pumping premium fuel into it along with the reduced MPG. Most of my driving...
  3. tfairweather1

    2018 FORD RAPTOR COBB Tuned Question?

    Hey Raptor Sports Fans picked up a killer deal back in July. I found a 2018 Ford Raptor fully loaded with every option except rear heated seat which I could give 2 ***** about lol. the guy had $98,000 into the truck for the build. I think he found himself on hard times and had to sell the...
  4. wmb3

    GEN 2 Costco vs Synergy+ Gas Comparison

    Costco vs Synergy+ Gas Comparison Mobil/Exxon recently introduced a new premium fuel with a 93-octane rating and no ethanol. They are making several claims about this new fuel blend including cleaner engines, better fuel economy and better engine performance. I decide to compare my Stock...
  5. Gatorgold

    93 or 87 and why?

    Is it necessary to run 93 octane in the Gen 2 Raptor? How much extra performance do you gain?

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