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  1. SoxFan

    Fan sound from rear seat

    Heated/Cooled Seats? You can hear mine in the GEN2 when they are on cool
  2. SoxFan

    Custom Wilwood Big Brake Kit

    Interested in group buy! Thanks
  3. SoxFan

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Looks good! How did you mount them?
  4. SoxFan

    Bronco Warthog Testing

    Its an excuse to buy it, c'mon man!
  5. SoxFan

    Bronco Warthog Testing wife needs a new car soon!
  6. SoxFan

    GEN 2 Anyone Run OEM Front Bumper w/o Wing Ends??

    There was a company manufacturing replacement tubular style end caps for the stock bumper but I cannot recall who it was.
  7. SoxFan

    OEM convex mirrors

    Try this link, its another option....
  8. SoxFan

    Pic side by side

    Photoshop to hide license plate, which I have never really understood.
  9. SoxFan

    Ford Parts Catalogue Showing Raptor Front End

    Didn't see any cutouts in the hood for them but I like what your thinking!
  10. SoxFan

    GEN 2 Unofficial Official Rays Wheels Thread!

    Looks great @bvita....Missing a few lug nuts on the front?
  11. SoxFan

    Ford Parts Catalogue Showing Raptor Front End

    Looks like coming with fog lights? What are the secondary hood pieces on either side, additional venting?
  12. SoxFan

    RPG 1.5" collars and ICON rear leafs - Denver, CO or Reno, NV

    Great deal, wish I was closer to Colorado! GLWS
  13. SoxFan

    Cvf intercooler installed

    An extra set of hands helps when installing the CVF, its a bit heavy, and don't forget to crank down the clamp on the new elbow, mine blew off twice !
  14. SoxFan

    Missing antenna mount cover

    I don't have the part number for you, but mine is always loose on the truck, constantly find myself reattaching it to the mount!
  15. SoxFan

    Front plate relocation?

    I bought a cheap bracket on Amazon, and bent it, tapped the bumper behind the mesh, no issues for the last year
  16. SoxFan

    Front plate relocation?

    Dropped mine down as well, hated it in front of the IC.
  17. SoxFan

    Anyone ever do a trade in out of state?

    I have done several, I always start negation on the new truck and then introduce the trade in, we usually settle in a reasonable range on the trade in, its hard to tell the dealership your truck is pristine, all trade ins are pristine from the owner. I have yet to not be given better than fair...
  18. SoxFan

    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    Wider fender flares??
  19. SoxFan

    New! (Not Released to the public yet!) 40" Curved SR MIDNIGHT Light Bar Kit (Exclusive Member Price)

    Any idea if these will interfere with the front mount camera, loss of vision? Can you PM a price?
  20. SoxFan

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Our trucks have always had them, they are aftermarket installs from the leasing company we get them from.
  21. SoxFan

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    The HD trucks have a payload warning alarm to prevent them from being 'overloaded'. Put the truck in gear and the alarm goes off!
  22. SoxFan

    GEN 2 My Front License Plate Bracket Solution...

    I dropped mine down, didn't like it in front of the IC.
  23. SoxFan

    Stage 2 Questions

    Less lag, quicker throttle, all around smoother!