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    Raptoring the Muddy Mountains Wilderness Slot Canyons and Washes

    I love how sunny it is out there. Unlike how the "game" has made the east coast a wet wonderland with zero sun (vit d). Super important to get some of that in your life.
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    An Oil Change Solution?

    I need to see this in action. Videos from you?
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    I nearly put mine on inside out but it just didnt feel right. Congrats!
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    Anza fun.

    Yo this is like heaven for me to see these photos. Huge motivator for a new front bumper, been waitin to see one for sale. I check the garage sale thread twice a day lmao.
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    Anza fun.

    Mother of God.
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Explain the bed supports? Is it torqueing that much that we need those?
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    Sold - close thread.

    Damn...missed this lmao. Weekends be leaving me stranded in fun.
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    2021 Raptor 37 Package after 650 miles…my feedback

    I said that the G3 was definitely a F250 Superduty's little brother in a few chats. Still stand by that. Interiors are suppose to upgrade and so are technologies, so that should be a given. Its not spectacular, its NEW. Don
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    New member from AZ

    Great looking rig.
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    What oil?

    Is the engine different in the G3? Just curious why the discussion on different oils from G2 to G3.
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    Lmao California...
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    New Member in Albuquerque

    Welcome brosef! Def remove the decals..
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    This is changing the G3 world by storm lol...
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    FOR SALE 2020 802A Leadfoot Raptor

    The mods are incredible on this. And cost a **** load. GLWS man.
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    Alright, this is starting to sound like it cost what I paid for my exhaust/intercooler/and wheels combined.
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    I Feel Disrespected.

    O_O. Hell going on there?
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    GEN 2 Steel lines

    Anyone got any laying around?? New Color doesnt matter I will use Motul fluid.
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    Ford Bronco Raptor vs. RAPTOR

    East coast, DMV area is looking normal only because they want to make it appear "normal" right before the "cold winter" :). I digress.
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    GEN 2 Tire wear

    Sir, I abide by 'le law.
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    Raptoring Mars? Yes you can!!

    Well great job. I would easily put some of these on my wall in the office.. Good ****. ..if I had an office.