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  1. Rickoo

    2017 brake job torque values

    Looked and can't find. Anyone know the proper torque values for doing a brake job on a gen2 2017 truck? Like caliper bracket bolts and slide screws?
  2. Rickoo

    Erratic oil level

    Okay, I've wrenched on vehicles for over forty years, have worked as a licensed aircraft mechanic as well as many basic auto service positions in my younger years. Granted, that was about 20 years ago. But this stuff is not new to me. I just did my second oil change (always with filter). When...
  3. Rickoo

    Programming a third key

    So, I lost a key on my Gen1 and found out it's a LOT more expensive to replace a key if you have ONE working key instead of two. With the Gen2, I figured I would get a third spare so if I lost one, I wouldn't be stuck paying big money for a second. Bought one on Ebay for $80. Brand new...
  4. Rickoo

    Ford Performance Door Sills

    Anyone have any thoughts on ways to protect the Ford Performance Door Sills from getting scratched? They look easily damaged and I'd hate to get them all scratched up.
  5. Rickoo

    Extended Warranty

    I've never bought an extended warranty as I believe they're usually not worth it. Just wondering, has anyone priced a warranty on the Gen2? I'm curious what they sell for.
  6. Rickoo

    Trade Value?

    Deciding whether to trade the 13 Scab or sell it outright. Dealer looked at it and is getting me a price. Any REALISTIC opinions on a VERY clean condition trade and retail value in New England? Truck is loaded and has 56k miles. Thanks!
  7. Rickoo

    Center channel dash speaker?

    I'm a bit confused. The speaker in the dash tray doesn't seem to add anything to the sound in the truck? At first, I wondered if it was even working. I'm still not sure. As close as I can get my head to it, I can't really hear it. The reason I ask is I'm thinking of using it for my ICOM...
  8. Rickoo

    Is this mid perch?

    Was looking at my front shocks today and noticed an exposed detent ring on both front shocks. I bought the truck with 6k miles on it and now I'm wondering if the previous owner did a mid perch? Does this look like it?
  9. Rickoo

    Ssm 22513

    I've been hearing an intermittent knocking sound coming from what appears to be the right front. Only happens when I hit certain size bumps (smaller). Brought the truck (2013 Scab) into the dealer to have it looked at. They couldn't find anything and felt the SSM listed above was the cause of...
  10. Rickoo

    Raptors make you a better driver

    Is it just me? I have the only raptor in my town. (That i'm aware of.) Certainly a Terrain colored one. I get looks from a lot of people. Including the local police. Anything you do (from rolling through a stop sign to maybe going a tad fast) makes me wonder who's watching and will it come...
  11. Rickoo

    led kit?

    Anyone try this kit? Agt
  12. Rickoo

    Value of 2102 Raptor

    Hi folks, I'm looking at a 2012 Raptor. Not the full crew cab. Just the extended model. It's got nav, the blue accent interior, backup camera, sprayed in bedliner, hood graphics only. 5K miles and is pretty nice. Like new. I'm curious what you folks think I should pay for it? I know...