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  1. MFNG

    GEN 1 Cab Rust and the Current Market

    Well, I am in a pickle: I got a 2014 two years ago and love it to death. A year ago I noticed paint bubbling in the driver cab corner. Fast forward one year later and there is very visible rust bubbling/stains. A slight tap on the area yesterday broke loose a quarter sized chunk, leaving a...
  2. MFNG

    Odd Sounds: Autostart & Ticking

    I have searched around and not found anything regarding what I’m hearing/experiencing. If anyone knows of threads about these please share. 2014 w 112k miles is making a weird clunk/grind sound when I auto start it cold in the morning. Sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side of the...
  3. MFNG

    Focus Raptor?

    Didn’t know this existed...
  4. MFNG

    Tire Wear/Road Crowns

    I’ve been battling what I though was an alignment issue, but appears to be a tire wear issue. My 2014 Gen1 seems to want to pull to the right slightly after an alignment. I figured it was because it had a front right wreck before I got it, but the frame was checked and ok’d before purchase...
  5. MFNG

    GEN 1 37’s: Fiberwerx alone get you there?

    Will the 2.5 Fiberwerx get you there alone on the Gen 1? Looking for more after taking it hard off-road for the first time. What’s the best way to get more without spending 30k right away? Looking to make this a Mid/Long travel project long term but looking for a little more for the next...
  6. MFNG

    GEN 1 Weak CV Axles

    not sure if this is a “suspension” question so correct me if I’m wrong...I’ll have to postpone my slappy suspension adventure to address the latest misstep... Tore a CV boot and broke the CV axle. Limped home. Looked at replacements; RCV is pricey, anything in between that is stronger than...
  7. MFNG

    Badlands in IN this Friday

    I’m going. Anyone else on here up for it? Give me a shout.
  8. MFNG

    GEN 1 Slapping Sound after replacing shocks

    Hey guys just wanted to see if anyone has encountered this after rebuilding their shocks. I had the OEM Gen 1 shocks rebuilt by Texas Shock Works. The original shocks I had were low perch and the rebuilds are mid perch - could this be a factor in this “slapping” sound I’m hearing? The...
  9. MFNG

    GEN 1 To catch a tuner...

    Just found 93 octane (E-10) around me and decided to try a tank. Was using 91 ethanol free before. My MPG jumped from 11 to 13 instantly. Haven’t seen above 11.5 for the 5k I’ve had it. Drove around town for 10 miles stop-n-go and it’s holding at 13+/-. Does this sound like there’s a 93 tune on...
  10. MFNG

    Weather Channel Drowns Raptor

    The Weather Channel is stoking the climate change fires and ******* me off by drowning a Raptor in their fake news digital flood fear mongering.
  11. MFNG

    GEN 1 Bolster your bolsters?

    Have a 2014 w nearly 100k on it. The driver’s bolster is getting pretty squat from the heifers that had it before me, as well as my using it as a daily. I’ve not found any great replacement seat options online. I have heard people talk about reupholstering services - will these people also...
  12. MFNG

    GEN 1 91 E0 or 93 E10? 93 E0?

    Which would you run? Just found some 93 the other day, it’s scarce around me in central IL. I like the way the E0 runs compared to 91 E10 but it makes me feel better putting E0 in. I’ve seen videos that state the ethanol actual helps clean the engine better, and conversely heard the E0 will...
  13. MFNG

    Paint Touch-Up Recommendations

    Found a few spots where the paint got chipped off. Any recommendations for DIY touch-up? Truck is Oxford White. One is on the roof and is dime sized, the other is on the rear driver rocker and is quarter sized. Neither are of great concern aesthetically, but don’t want the rust to spread!
  14. MFNG

    GEN 1 Cruise Control Buttons

    My set and on buttons have been sticking together, making it very difficult or sometimes impossible to turn it on and/or set it. Anyone else experienced this? Can I spray wd-40 in there or will it mess something up? Any suggestions?
  15. MFNG

    GEN 1 Shocks/Alignment...something else?

    Hey guys and gals, I’ve been searching but haven’t found it yet so let me know if I missed it. I got a ‘14 a few months ago, it needed an alignment for sure (pulling to the right, red wheel stripe had to be held off center to left to maintain lane) as well as needed new tires. The front right...
  16. MFNG

    GEN 1 6.2L Badge

    It appears my 6.2L badge has either fallen off or someone took it. Anyone know how to go about getting another? How much do they cost and how do I make sure it doesn’t come off again? Thanks
  17. MFNG

    GEN 1 Rebuild Shock Shelf Life

    @Texas Shock Works: Is there any concern to having rebuilt shocks sit on the shelf until you put them on? Got a set rebuilt by TSW and am hoping to wait out the winter to put them on so they don’t get blasted by all the salt here in IL. Should I store them upright since that’s how they ride...
  18. MFNG

    GEN 1 Rear Window Trim

    Looked around and didn’t see what I’m talking about so excuse me if it’s deep down there somewhere: My rear sliding window on my ‘14 SCREW has a piece of felt trim (vertical piece on passenger side) that has come off. Looking to see if anyone has had this problem and what glue they used to...
  19. MFNG

    GEN 1 Idle Speed Wobble/Rough Shift 1st to 2nd

    Looked around but didn’t find anything on this, let me know if I missed it. When at idle speed, the shift from 1st to 2nd seems a little...rough I guess you would say. There’s a good jolt when it occurs. It usually happens while cruising a parking lot to leave for me. Also, it seems as...
  20. MFNG

    GEN 1 Replacement Brakes

    MF New Guy here. I’ve searched as well as a MFNG could around the forum and haven’t found an answer, so please excuse me if I’m posting in the wrong sub or have missed the answer. I am looking for a reasonably priced replacement brake kit. I would love an Alcon or R1, but the budget doesn’t...
  21. MFNG

    2019 Wheels

    Found a deal for new KO2s on 2019 wheels for $1400. They are takeoffs from new 2019 Raptors and claim to have 10 miles on them. I have a ‘14 with the SVT bead lock capables that I like and would only want the tires. If I buy them for the tires how much do you think (if someone even wanted them)...
  22. MFNG

    Newsed 2014 Owner

    Took the plunge and got a used 2014. Thanks to all here as this forum helped with many questions I had. Surprisingly after all the should I or not, the wife was the one that said do it. She loves the truck, still a little apprehensive about driving it though. Two car seats, a 90lb dog and all...
  23. MFNG

    2014 94k Mile SCREW for $35k...Buy or No?

    Looking at a 2014 94k mile SCREW for $35k OTD. It is fully loaded with all options. Does not have records other than the Carfax which is a joke. It lists 4 owners - one of the concerns. Physical Inspection by self and full inspection by personal mechanic reveals good quality; computer looks...