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  1. mattl600

    Retrax Pro bed cover 2017+ Raptor / Los Angeles

    Sadly I have to let this go as a bypass rack is going in for my future 3.5" shocks. Had it on the vehicle for roughly 5 months. Great shape minus a few dings on the can form stuff inside the bed. Located in Los Angeles / Burbank. $500 takes it (was roughly $1800 new before shipping) ...
  2. mattl600

    Powertrain male function / P0068.

    Hey all! Interesting thing this morning. Was driving over the grape vine uphill at about 75mph and all of a sudden heard a thud immediately followed by a drivetrain male function / pre collision unavailable warning. Gave me the orange wrench and limp mode ( no boost). Pulled off and read...
  3. mattl600

    2020 BEADLOCKS (5)

    5 wheels with no tires. Ceramic coated 6 months ago. Located in Los Angeles. Really really really do not want to ship. SOLD
  4. mattl600

    Signed up for the EXO run 2/28-2/22!

    Cant wait. First trip down to Baja for me.. sounds like a great bunch of people.
  5. mattl600

    Mid Travel Planning help, V1 bypass SVC.

    Hey all! Next year when I'm out of town I'd love to tackle mid travel with the boys over at SVC. I DO however use my truck occasionally to haul some pelican case for work and what not. I want to do DUAL spares in the back with their V1 bypass rack. What I would love to figure out is how much...
  6. mattl600

    Getting dirty.

    Met up with a few peeps and hit Johnson valley. Somehow we also found the only puddle of mud coming back from the crater as well as a bunch tjat destroyed all of us with pin striping. Luckily my detailer was with us in his raptor and comforted me telling me it’s all fixable haha. Anyway…...
  7. mattl600

    GEN 2 Sdhq +2/+2 vs adv front fenders.

    Hey all! Have some venom 00 offset wheels coming and eventually want to go with some +2 glass up front for the SVC mid travel setup I’m eventually going to jump into next year. very curious about liners. I know ADV offers this additionally but can’t seem to find any pictures. do both j close...
  8. mattl600

    Johnson valley the 18th.

    Trying to get some people together for a little run. It’ll be my first time out there personally. So far 2 GEN 2s and a GEN 1.
  9. mattl600

    GEN 2 New shoes and rubber.(pics added pg 2)

    Hey all! the new venom RX wheels have caught my eye. 17” wheels. 9” width and 0 offset. lookjng at 35” 12.5 ridge grapplers. truck has SVC upper control arms as well as fox race 3.0s and +3 deavers. 1” of preload up front to level it out. Think I’ll see any rubbing at full lock?
  10. mattl600

    2020 Live Valve shocks / take offs

    Hey all! Have a set of front and rear shocks for sale.. SVC removed them from my Raptor (2020) with about 12k miles on em. $800.00 Los Angeles pickup.
  11. mattl600

    More SVC goodies.

    More goodies installed while I was out of town. Jeff and the boys at SVC are as always top notch. Got a set of Mojave front and rear bumpers along with a 30” rigid adapt bar. also finished up my suspension with their UCAs. now it’s time to go get it dirty.
  12. mattl600

    2FG AWE. Nick killed it.

    Awesome dude to deal with. Got the system to me in a day as well.
  13. mattl600

    GEN 2 AWE 2FG going on.

    Figure this is the lightest touch. wanted to give the truck a bit more in a cold start and idle. I know these things are impossible to make sound great but I figured what the hell... it’s $500. Nick at Apollo Optics killed it for me and was bale to have it on my door step in a day. will have...
  14. mattl600

    GEN 2 California City fun.

    Finally got her out on some dirt with the new fox suspension / SVC bump stops / deavers / traction bars / intercooler / goosetune stage 2. Couldn’t have been more impressed with how she handled at high speed on the dirt. The 1” lift all around (deavers +3 and fox coil overs preload...
  15. mattl600

    GEN 2 The big day! First outing with all new new.

    Hey guys and gals! had the stock raptor out in the dirt a couple times but now that I had SVC take a crack at her with +3 deavers, traction bars , fox factory 3.0 rear shocks and front coil overs im ready for another go. heading out to California city and dove springs this Sunday with a few...
  16. mattl600

    Best shops in LA / the valley

    For install work. Want to do UCAs / slot delete next. Thanks everyone !
  17. mattl600

    GEN 2 So many new goodies

    Finally was able to get a day off to go grab my truck from @svc today. The dudes over there did an awesome job and Jeff was great to work with. Install for the 2020 was: SVC intercooler SVC tie-rods SVC fox bump stop Fox 3.0 coilovers/ rear shocks SVC traction bar. +3 Deavers Now I'm going...
  18. mattl600

    Gen 2 Cobb front mount stock loc intercooler

    $800 plus shipping from 91506 / Burbank. Never installed / black.
  19. mattl600

    Los Angeles to Utah. Recommends

    Hey all! finishing up a long job and am gearing up to take the raptor up to SLC and back. mo real agenda other than bringing the girlfriend and the mastiff and do some photography of the wild horse herds out there. Ideally a 4-5 day round trip. Would love some recommends of things along...
  20. mattl600

    GEN 2 Just go for it ? Fox live valve

    Hey all. heading down to SVC shortly to have Deaver springs and bump stops installed. Their stage 1 kit basically for my 2020 SCREW. I’ve had this raptor for about a month now and love it but want to remedy the rear wheel stability. since I’m going to be at SVC part of me wants to just go as...
  21. mattl600

    Happy 2020 owner.

    Never would have thought when I got the raptor bug is love it as much as I do coming from a Range Rover sport 2 weeks into ownership. 2020 screw, 802A / carbon. so far.. Morimoto headlights Off-road alliance triple light setup Some forscan tweaks Goosketune stage 2 Cobb intercooler...
  22. mattl600

    4x4LED light kit

    Let my loss be your gain. SOLD Extended brackets as well so you don't have to mount your lights upside down. s2 corner sport x2, driving combo squadron sport x 4 Located in Burbank.
  23. mattl600

    GEN 2 Fog light install.

    Finally was able to knock this out today. Love the factory look I went with corner / driving / sport. Baja Pro.
  24. mattl600

    CarPlay hit or miss.

    Anyone track this down yet ? I’m on the most current version of SYNC and iOS. sometimes CarPlay sill work as expected via usb and sometimes I can’t get it to start for the life of me. can seem to find a reason for it.
  25. mattl600

    Center console light

    Anyone replace this ? Hate the halogen warm light.