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  1. 1mbrews8

    Bak Reolver X4 and Rigid lights for sale

    pics of light setup would be great! thx!
  2. 1mbrews8

    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    So I said I'd post the dealer and all info today so here ya go! It was Hilbish Ford in NC. Salesmen I dealt with were Louie Slater (at first) and Charlie Brown (took over) (real name lol) Good luck! Mike
  3. 1mbrews8

    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    I'm in GA, where are you at? ---------- Post added at 04:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:49 PM ---------- looks like he paid 3% tax so guessing he's living in NC?
  4. 1mbrews8

    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    Hi! Have you seen the proof I posted? Would you like more? It is legit though I doubt others could get that kind of deal... for now. I am as surprised as ya'll it went through, but it is in my front yard now lol!
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    2017 Raptor at MSRP or 2018 for $5k+MSRP

    Neither. Msrp is pretty easy to get. Ship if needed.. Got my new 2018 w/ 70k msrp for 7k UNDER msrp... Keep looking.
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    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    Sent you links for another deal that I found and was going to look into if mine didn't end up going through.. I'd like to hold off a week or so posting my dealer info just to make sure they can't take it back or anything lol! It's in NC though as a hint lol!
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    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    Yep another person warned me about that too. It shipped directly to North Carolina to this dealer so I am safe on that.
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    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    Yup.. the highway stuff is just my sales tax I think they added the BS fees to recoupe some $, so I let it slide. Truck looks perfect! :0) ---------- Post added at 08:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:12 AM ---------- GA so 7%.. would have been even sweeter if I was from another...
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    2018 Raptors under sticker

    Just posted my story of my $7k off bought TODAY!!
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    Soooo bought a 2018 @ $7000 OFF msrp!

    * warning* long story I didn't believe it. No one on the FB groups thought it was possible. Asked dealer 10 times if they were going to swap prices, VIN, etc and if that 7k was off ADM once I drove the 5 hours there... $$$ day's before $$$ I was commenting on a YouTube vid...
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    GEN 2 Pricing breakdown - invoice, D Plan, X Plan, A&Z Plan

    Yeah, bogus pretty sure. I asked about X plan when I was looking at local dealer and they said no special pricing on raptors..
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    MSRP for 2018 near Atlanta?

    Checked with them the other day. They're out of allocations for August. And I think they already have two sold for September and they're unsure if they will get more for next month.
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    2017 F-150 Raptor for sale

    beadlocks or no? and what was window sticker
  14. 1mbrews8

    New member in GA

    Nice! I'm in Forsyth! I also talked to Riverside when I was looking at 17s.. he (can't remember name. Maybe Tony or something?) said he could order me one at msrp, but I'd be like 3rd on the list so I tried to find one in stock somewhere.. no luck with color and options I wanted. Did they...
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    New member in GA

    Congrats! Where from in GA? I'm near Macon and nothing avail here..
  16. 1mbrews8

    2017 Avalanche SCREW

    orange seat trim by chance?
  17. 1mbrews8

    I need a new Raptor , but where to buy

    does the magnetic have beadlocks, orange trim, and tech pkg?
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    raptor dealers to avoid

    Ford Lincoln of Franklin TN Ryan Maples Lol! Have a used 2017 with 2000 miles and want 81k!!!!!!!!!!! ***** Here is 1st email from him when I was asking about another one... ***** I just wanted to let you know what options we have. We are keeping it for about a week, if it doesn't sell...
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    What did you pay +/- MSRP?

    nope.. it's msrp is 56k and sale price is 66k... it doesn't have 802a pkg..
  20. 1mbrews8

    What did you pay +/- MSRP?

    That's awesome... wish I had one near me lol. Congrats again!
  21. 1mbrews8

    What did you pay +/- MSRP?

    Impressive! What were options and where from??
  22. 1mbrews8

    GEN 2 Help...late allocation '17 Depreciation

    Shooooot... we've been married 17 years. That doesn't work anymore lol!