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  1. alphatwox

    WTB: Stock Length Aftermarket Shackles

    Looking for stock length aftermarket shackles: RPG, Camburg, KHC, the like.
  2. alphatwox

    Off-road Shops Raleigh

    Other than driving down to Aberdeen and visiting the awesome folks at Valhalla Motorsports (which I’m not opposed to, I just necessarily don’t have that sort of time in the short term), anyone know of any off-road shops in the Raleigh, NC comfortable with the Raptor platform? I need to have my...
  3. alphatwox

    Take Off vs Rebuild

    Fellas, question here: I need to get my shocks rebuilt at this point in the game. I love my Fox’s. And I don’t want to spend the cash, or really need to spend the cash honestly, to bump it up to Icons/Kings/or even the new Fox’s. I just wanted to keep the bad boys I have in one shape or...
  4. alphatwox

    WTB: DEAVERS +3, Drop Shackle, Bump Stops

    Looking to snatch up Deavers +3, drop shackle back to level, and for starters just a bump pad bolt on kit. Not looking to break the bank by adding the full bump stop kit just yet.
  5. alphatwox

    WTB: Gen 2 Tie Rods - Outers Only

    Looking for an outers only tie rod kit for Gen2s. ADD, SVC, the like.
  6. alphatwox

    Full vs Outer Tie Rods

    About to finish my front suspension upgrades on the 17 SCrew. I saved my tie rods for last and am not getting ready to pull the trigger and am between the obvious choices of the full inner and outer vs just the outer. Any thoughts? I know that water intrusion is always a concern when breaking...
  7. alphatwox

    UCA and Slot Delete Question

    I’m starting my upgrade journey as far as the suspension is considered. Performance wise, I’m done for now, so it’s time to focus on my Gen 2 suspension. I’m looking to stick with RPG so my question is about the RPG Billeted UCA. I’m looking to snatch up: RPG Billeted UCA RPG Tie Rods Krazy...