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  1. shelteredraptor

    2017 SCAB

    Avalanche Gray Scab with 802A package 11,200 miles. Stored in climate controlled garage, never offroad hard, I have other vehicles to play with. The ultimate Starbucks Special. Truck is loaded except man step in tailgate, and no graphics. Bakflip F1 lid Bedrug and swing boxes 45" arched Rigid...
  2. shelteredraptor

    40" Bulldog on the bumper

    I'm not one to start threads, but figured I'd throw this on. I don't know why these guys aren't better known other than they might need better P.R. folks. (or maybe they are and I need to get out more)Chime in if you know anything about them, but all they are American made, have good tech help...
  3. shelteredraptor

    2010 scab

    HUGE PRICE REDUCTION!!! 36k I ordered it in late September and took delivery in December '09. 5.4 (6.2 wasn't produced yet) Loaded with 802A- nav, luxury pkg, sunroof - no backup camera or bed step. 36,000 miles List of mods- mid perch Method double standards with Pro Comp A/T tires JDM stage...