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  1. Venom_Raptor

    FS: (5) OEM 37x12.5x17 BFG KO2 Load C ……

    Was about to snag em and realized it’s just for the tires not the wheels and tires xD
  2. Venom_Raptor

    Gen 3 Front Bumper and Skid Should talk to this guy, maybe meet him half way. :)
  3. Venom_Raptor

    WTB: Gen 3 OEM Front Bumper - excellent condition Should talk to this guy, seems like he’d be youre best bet seeing you’re like 8 hours away from him.
  4. Venom_Raptor

    Taillight tint and headlight tint.

    Wonder what kind tint was used on this raptor, love the way the lights looks :)
  5. Venom_Raptor

    Air Intake

    Tbh it is a very slight change, but I definetly can hear it more then a stock air filter.
  6. Venom_Raptor

    2021+ Gen 3 SDHQ A-Pillar Mounts

    Was wanting to see if anyone was selling there SDHQ mounts for a Gen 3 Raptor before I ordered them.:)
  7. Venom_Raptor

    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    Yeah it doesn’t show because ford has been using the same locking mechanism on the rear seats of f150s since 2009, but yeah it’s the same P/N and almost the same design, some companies just tweaked it alittle do be more sleek.
  8. Venom_Raptor

    FS: 4 x Squadron Pros

    I don’t think so, I messaged him that day if I remember correctly to try and buy, but he never responded and hasn’t been online since the day after the post was made.
  9. Venom_Raptor

    Baja Designs or Rigid lights?

    If anyone is wanting to sell there Baja designs or rigid lights, shoot me a message of what you have. Looking to get some for my Gen 3:)
  10. Venom_Raptor

    Could’ve been a cooler tailgate

    Both appliquéd and non-appliquéd Gen 3 raptor tailgates look cool to me. Seeing how the Ford Ranger Raptor tailgates look however, had me thinking how much cooler the non-appliquéd tailgates could be/been for the Gen 3s. Instead of embossing F-150 on the tailgate it would’ve been cool if they...
  11. Venom_Raptor

    Air Intake

    Have a S&B cold air intake in my Gen 3, gives the turbos a nice spool sound when you give it some heavy gas, much more noticeable then stock. No negative side affects, and no noticeable power gains.
  12. Venom_Raptor

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Yeah see that’s just the thing with me, those spray ceramic coatings do work and tbh are very easy to apply, they are fairly cheap $40-$100 and can be done by anyone. Now there’s nothing wrong with those, but I am a longevity person. In my experiences those spray ceramic coatings don’t last the...
  13. Venom_Raptor

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Well there really is a wide variety of options out there, from lasting short term to long term. Me personally I like the long term options and not the quick spray on ceramic coatings and things that last a few weeks to even a few months sometimes. If I were you I would do this, inspect the...
  14. Venom_Raptor

    Best Gen 3 Rock Lights

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking into putting rocks lights on my Gen 3. Out of all of the options out there what is the best fit and finish option. Apparently rigid has the best lighting but not the best mounting, KC has the most OEM touch to it but not as bright. What’s an all around good option?
  15. Venom_Raptor

    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    Ahhhh forgot to mention I also always add 2 10” subs to my trucks, so on my Gen 3 I got the remove the stock subs in the rear to have more room. Not a lot of room, but enough to have my wrench bag, tie towns, gloves, 1/4” chain, and some rope back there.
  16. Venom_Raptor

    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    Something I’ve done on all my F-150s is attach a rear seat release, to use the space between the wall of the cab and the seat as extra storage. Been a great add on for the past 12 years