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  1. x-ray

    Pillar lights

    Regarding A-pillar lights, what would you guys recommend between the Diode Dynamics SS5 Pro lights and the Baja Designs LP4 lights? Thanks, X
  2. x-ray

    Reputable Cincinnati Shops

    I asked my PPF guy who knows lots of aftermarket folks in the Cincinnati area who he would recommend for Raptor stuff and he said he has had several customers use High Lift Off Road: 513-285-4000 and were happy. I called and they seemed like they knew what they were talking about but I don’t...
  3. x-ray

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Threw on the Weathertech mud flaps yesterday. Fronts took about 5 mins total, rears about 15 mins. For the rears its about having a really short philips head screw driver. My stubby Craftsman worked for the outside but would fit on the inside. I used a philips head bit and just cranked on it as...
  4. x-ray

    SPV Parts Diode Dynamics Pro Triple Fog Light Kit and SS2 Reverse Kit install

    I did the Spot on the outside, the SAE Driving in the middle and the Yellow Fog on the inside after messaging with SPV and DD. Happy with how things turned out. I wish I had taken the wheel and skid off. Probably would have saved time in the long run. X
  5. x-ray

    SPV Parts Diode Dynamics Pro Triple Fog Light Kit and SS2 Reverse Kit install

    I just finished installing both the Diode Dynamics Pro Triple Fog light kit and the DD SS2 pro reverse kit from @Specialtyperformanceparts (John Trischler). I purchased the Aux wire extension kit, the Aux1 and fog relocation harness, the marker light connector adapter, and the harness for the...
  6. x-ray

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    There‘s another tie down spot in the very back and front of the bed on each side. X
  7. x-ray

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Gave the truck a bath today with plans to ceramic coat it tomorrow with CQuart UK 3.0. Then I installed the Bak X4S tonneau cover and then the BedRug Bed Mat after getting the bed Rhino lined. Love how nice the Bedmat makes it to kneel in the bed. Strapped down my cheap Home Depot storage box...
  8. x-ray

    Back again. From Gen 2 though a few other cars to a Gen 3. Cincinnati.

    I think you just need the latest version of Forscan. It works for all Generations. Xpel PPF, that’s what my installer has always used. Yes, I was debating pulling the decals off but they don’t stand out that much on AMB like they do on lighter colored paint so I think I’ll keep them. The rear...
  9. x-ray

    Back again. From Gen 2 though a few other cars to a Gen 3. Cincinnati.

    Hyde Park Just ordered the Forscan adapter so once I figure things out, anyone in the area is welcome to come make changes. X
  10. x-ray

    Back again. From Gen 2 though a few other cars to a Gen 3. Cincinnati.

    Hey all, Just wanted to share my new Gen 3 Raptor. 2022 AMB with the 37pp. I sold my Gen 2 for a Mercedes E63 AMG wagon, then to a GLS63 and then a Porsche Taycan GTS. While all were amazing vehicles and the Taycan was one of the most fun vehicles I have ever driven, I missed the Raptor and the...
  11. x-ray

    Cincinnati area Ford dealer recommendation

    What are you looking for, color and option wise? X
  12. x-ray

    Cincinnati area Ford dealer recommendation

    Sigh, there's less than a clear answer. Yes, I purchased my 2022 37pp at MSRP. Most of their Raptors listed on their site (when in stock) are marked up between $5-10k. I was fortunate to be a repeat customer (bought a 2017 from them at MSRP) and I randomly showed up showing intention to buy on...
  13. x-ray

    Cincinnati area Ford dealer recommendation

    Jack-0, Another Cincy Raptor owner here! Picking up my 22 AMB 37pp Friday from Beechmont Ford. I bought my 2017 Gen 2 from them as well and was happy with their service department. Where in Cincy are you located? (I'm in HP). Thinking about buying the Forscan tool unless someone else has one...
  14. x-ray

    Dog Transport Options?

    Nope. Foam pad on bottom of plastic.
  15. x-ray

    Dog Transport Options?

    Checkout the The Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5" Platform, 4-Step system. Here is a pic of my 80# doodle using it. It folds up and fits in back seat or bed without issue. Dogs, mutts, perros... (post...
  16. x-ray

    Best a-pillar/hood mounts for BD XL80 pods

    Grab as many pics as you can through out the install for us visual learners ;) X
  17. x-ray

    Night Shots Baja Designs S8, Onx6, Squadron Pros, KC Hi-Lites Flex, FRL Fog Insert

    Great comparison of different lights, thanks for taking the time to do this. I have been really happy with my S8 behind the grill light and have been debating getting the Onx6 10" lower grill light or grabbing some squadrons or XL80s for the hood A pillar mount. I would love the huge curved Pro6...
  18. x-ray

    GEN 2 Baja Designs S8 30" Grill Light bar kit install

    First off, a big thank you to Nick@Apollo-Optics for getting me the Raptor 2017 30" S8 Grille LED Light Bar Kit for a great price. He also took great care of me when the kit arrived without the wiring harness. He made sure BD sent the harness out quick and answered my call for tech support...
  19. x-ray

    Ceramic tire beads

    Do they come with a sticker I can put on the back window next to my Starbz sticker to improve my fuel economy and boost HP? Asking for a friend... X
  20. x-ray

    FS: Brembo Brake Kit 2017 Raptor

    These require 20" wheels correct? Are you selling your HREs? Good luck! X
  21. x-ray

    Raptor Assault.

    Headed out this weekend for 9/24-9/25 class. Anyone else? X
  22. x-ray

    Raptor Assault.

    In for 9/24-9/25 session!
  23. x-ray

    Light weight 2 piece rotor f/r

    $950 ON SALE seems a bit steep for just two rotors. X
  24. x-ray

    2017 M&R Ford Raptor Gen2 Dual 40" kit

    This may sound like a silly question, but is there anyway to get the amber 40" bar to light up sequentially sort of like the Knight Rider scanner light on Kitt? X