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  1. White fog

    Raptor R intake?

    I ordered the S&B 2 weeks ago. It should be in by next week. All I know of is S&B and BWoody. S&B looked like its block more of the hot air and utilize the "scoop" better.
  2. White fog

    Raptor R realistic fuel economy expectations

    11.2 Avg. with 1100 miles. It sounds SOOOO much better when you don't worry about mpg!!
  3. White fog

    how do you launch this truck?

    my 0-60 was slower then my Gen 2 before I launched with the auto hold. If it senses any brake pressure at all, power will be limited on launch. With auto hold engaged, just punch it in sport mode, 4A for your best launch. Mine was 3 tenths quicker this way.
  4. White fog

    Raptor R Avalanche Gray Photo Thread

    Mine doesn't look too white in this picture.
  5. White fog

    Raptor R rims

    But WHEN will someone finally come out with a tune? I've had mine a week- Time to turn it up!!
  6. White fog

    Raptor R purchase would you do it again?

    I'd do it over again. Just got mine last Wednesday. The only thing I'd do different is sell my gen2 myself instead of trading it in. Still hurts to sit down from that one! Sales tax credit vs. no lube... can't win!
  7. White fog

    Official R Delivered Thread

    It has finally arrived! Came in a few hours ago. Only took a year! Picking it up tomorrow evening Ordered 8/15 Built 3/17
  8. White fog

    Raptor R Scheduling

    Last week dealer said updated ETA was 8/29. I just wish we had an accurate way to track!
  9. White fog

    Raptor R Scheduling

    Ok anyone have any experience with this yet? I had the green light on "built" and was just waiting for it to be shipped, now I see this!
  10. White fog

    “In Production” thread

    Mine has the same "built" date and my dealer texted me today eta 8/29. Hopefully it'll be sooner!
  11. White fog

    “In Production” thread

    Mine is showing built as well. Ordered confirmed 8/16.. it's been a little while!
  12. White fog

    “In Production” thread

    Mine has the same production date as yours. Just checked and shows updated on 7/27 as well. Might mean they're close to the goal of finishing repairs by the end of the month!
  13. White fog

    “In Production” thread

    This is what my dealer sent me a couple months ago: We are producing and shipping F150 Raptor R. We have a backlog of ~625 units at the plant that are being repaired. The plant can work through ~ 75 units a week as the repair takes 4-6 hours each. They plan to be completely through them by...
  14. White fog

    2023 Raptor R Chimes no longer come from the speakers?!?!

    I know it's voltage regulated on my '17. My meth pump takes a lot of juice. So if they're sitting outside for months waiting on engine swaps I'm sure it won't come from the speakers unless you take a long road trip or put a battery charger on it.
  15. White fog

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    My sticker was available until it vanished about 3 weeks ago. Hasn't appears back yet.
  16. White fog

    Raptor R Scheduling

    I think all of the rail dust that's baked on will protect the paint from the bird poop. We should all get a discount to go towards a clay bar and ceramic coating. They may all have a reddish tint!
  17. White fog

    Official R Delivered Thread

    I called for an update on mine (build date 4/17) and he had no info other than "it's built and sitting in a lot" I said I wasn't crazy about a $111,000 truck sitting in the weather. He said "don't worry, they wash them and drive them periodically so they just don't sit there" I'm not crazy...
  18. White fog

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Order confirmed 8/16. Tracking system shows “ in production” and unfortunately… Steering Wheel − Heat Removal i really thought after all of this time that issue would’ve been resolved!
  19. White fog

    Innovate Ethanol Gauge Install

    Anyone install the Innovate ethanol gauge yet? Since I have an E-85 tune and have already filled up with E-85 that was not E-85 I figured this would come in handy! I got it all wired up, in a pod, now time for the fuel line hookup. It appears that I need to use the quick connectors like...
  20. White fog

    Raptor R Allocation- ADM expected

    What's that tell you about the Trx's resale value vs. Raptor R? Just bought my wife a new Yukon and they're constantly getting 5K over msrp. (Not from me) I HATE ADM but just seems like Ram is leaving some $$ under the table!
  21. White fog


    I run E-85. Only $2.40/gallon and it’s 100-105 octane. BUT you have to have a tune and a fancy new high pressure fuel pump so you can burn through it faster!
  22. White fog

    gunmental wheels

    Titan wheels
  23. White fog

    What wheels and tires are you guys running?

    I like the wheels, just wish Titan would’ve designed center caps for them!! But I’m getting used to the look.
  24. White fog

    What wheels and tires are you guys running?

    Good Year duratracs on Titan AK-1’s