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  1. ktownsensation

    Rappy Graphics Topography B Pillars

    I bought my own 3m vinyl and took a shot at wrapping the pillars myself. Turned out decent for my first go. its not to hard of a task most of the time was taking the truck apart so I could wrap it
  2. ktownsensation

    Iconic Silver Club Gen 3 Raptor

    decided to bump up to the 37s this week and love the set up even more now on this colour
  3. ktownsensation

    Yes another 37 on 35 truck question

    Hi guys looking for anyone who is running 37 falken wildpeak At3 on a stock 35 truck. I know the bfg ko2 fit no problem. I am running a KMC on positive 18 offset just wondering how these tires fit and if they are bigger than the C rated K02s
  4. ktownsensation

    WTB OEM beadlock takeoffs

    Seems like a long-shot as there are lots of takeoffs in the good Old USA .....but throwing it out there to see if any fellow Canadians have any they are looking to shake. Will even consider BRraptor takeoffs
  5. ktownsensation

    Block heater cutout

    there is lots of room to route the cord out of the grill that hole is hideous
  6. ktownsensation

    Block heater cutout

    Hi there guys Im stuck up in Canada and have the intercooler grill on the bumper with the cutout for the block heater. Has anyone ordered the non block heater grill and know the part number I’ve looked but can’t seem to track the right one down
  7. ktownsensation

    SOLD …Cobb tuner 2018-2020 Gen 2 and goose tcm

    thanks @thatJeepguy also very good to deal with transaction was quick and easy. Hope you get in touch with goosetuned the man works magic
  8. ktownsensation

    SOLD …Cobb tuner 2018-2020 Gen 2 and goose tcm

    Only good for 2018-2020
  9. ktownsensation

    SOLD …Cobb tuner 2018-2020 Gen 2 and goose tcm

    For sale Cobb tuner with goose tcm. Will pay shipping . Fully unmarried and uninstalled. Only reason for selling is upgraded to gen 3. Looking for $750
  10. ktownsensation

    3rd Annual Silver Lake Shakedown!

    I wish I was closer to get in on a few of these runs
  11. ktownsensation

    Bed Liner Renew

    Very interested where did you pick this up
  12. ktownsensation

    ISO Cobb Accessport

    I have one but I believe it’s only good for 2018-2020 I will need to double check
  13. ktownsensation

    Has anyone polished their SVT wheels/beadlocks?

    Man I still like that old style Svt wheel
  14. ktownsensation

    Sliding cover for wireless phone charger

    Lol ok this one did make me laugh
  15. ktownsensation

    Goose Tune and Cobb intercooler on the way!

    You won’t regret it the truck will feel like a whole new beast
  16. ktownsensation

    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Again Winfield is the best to deal with hands down. best customer service and product out there for raptors
  17. ktownsensation

    GEN 2 Exhaust help

    I was never really impressed with any aftermarket exhausts that were available for the gen 2
  18. ktownsensation

    Is 37 PP a must have?

    It’s a tough call I would say no if your just going to put on aftermarket wheels and tires anyways
  19. ktownsensation

    B&O Unleashed

    Lol the raptor stereo is leaps and bounds better than the bronco one lol but like everyone else said buy the truck for the truck not the stereo
  20. ktownsensation

    Is this rust underneath concerning?

    I live in the rust belt in the Atlantic and I’ve seen worse but personally would steer clear
  21. ktownsensation

    Garage Sale - Several Sets of Wheels/Tires

    any idea if there is any chance to ship to Canada
  22. ktownsensation

    Would you Buy a 2022 Base Raptor....

    I used to have the moonroof on my gen 2 finally found gen 3 without it and honestly I don’t miss it