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  1. Icecobra

    VHF radio install pic's

    What radio. I have installed about a dozen vhf uhf radios.
  2. Icecobra

    Pismo Beach August 2022

    Of course paddle tires are the best out there.. Mt or At tires depends on the driver. The Mt dig in and throw more sand but digging in is not so good typically. Again it's the driver that's more important to the situation. Air down significantly creates more floatation which is the key to...
  3. Icecobra

    gvwr and towing

    I am still here buddy never left just been quite read the blog almost every day. For you over 100 pounds I would not even think about it. Go like hell and enjoy. Over by a couple thousand pounds you may need to rethink it... that's just me...
  4. Icecobra

    gvwr and towing

    Let's muddy it up good. First how is weight capacity calculated. Motor vehicles are calculated as follows. Dry weight no fluids then add exactly the fluid capacity and driver. So they give you fluids are included and 150 pounds for driver. GVWR IS JUST THAT. Maximum the towed trailer anybody...
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    Carry really good insurance on the car and have it insured for more than it's worth then if you do have a fire it's a happy day you get a big pay day
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    Raptor r in desert video

    Unfortunately I'm old so I remember the first diesel by Ford and what a boat anchor it was. My point is when you design a motor from scratch or otherwise and you start squeezing every bit of horsepower and work that motor 110% all the time your going to have issues. Ford v6 turbo charged engines...
  7. Icecobra

    Raptor r in desert video

    Price gouging is not just billionaires. I took my 68 Plymouth GTX over to a mechanic and said how much to just remove and reinstall the motor I'm going to rebuild it. With a straight face he told me 5000 dollars. For 16 hours labor at the most.. are you out of your ever loving mind. I have done...
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    Raptor r in desert video

    I guess I'm to old, I know adding turbos to an engine is a bad thing but manufacturers keep doing it. We used to call it artificial horsepower. Super charging was great for horsepower for short distance. But there is no replacement for displacement. But being old I remember when going four...
  9. Icecobra

    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    It always amazes me that people get butt hurt over an opinion they disagree with. Congrats to anyone if they have a truck they like. I waited for the v8 Raptor like a ****. I bought the TRX had a v8 Raptor I would buy the Raptor again in a v8. But I don't ask anyone to agree with my opinion but...
  10. Icecobra

    CA Registration Help

    One of the things you will be asked have you had the vehicle more than 90 days if you say yes you don't pay sales tax. So think about that....
  11. Icecobra

    Dealer Crashed Into My Truck

    I'd say as follows... You order a new tail light or pull one of a new truck while I watch.. they will say no of course so order a new one. 2 your going to take care of all maintenance as long as I own the truck.. and settle for nothing less. Otherwise I want a new truck with no damage.
  12. Icecobra

    Raptor 1, Accord 0

    The only thing I can say is instant Karma, the guy got what he deserved.
  13. Icecobra

    Is anyone here cross-shopping other vehicles?

    Well I shopped and searched and have waited patiently on Ford but so far it has just left me truckless I finally broke down and went to test drive the TRX. I was given permission to purchase if I so felt like it. After waiting 7 years for a Raptor V8 I now have a TRX. Since selling my Raptor so...
  14. Icecobra

    [Nevada/California] Minden to Tonopah to Las Vegas to Salton City Late February Early March 2022

    My Jeep Wrangler is mostly stock. It's the 4xe so its electric and turbo 4cyl. Single tank range is about 350 miles. I have the quad band 50 watt vhf radio installed. I programmed several people with Raptors radios for them. Not sure what channel you may want to use weatherman is common. I can...
  15. Icecobra

    Raptor Pricing is Insane!! Or is it?

    I bought a Gen1 back in 2012 bought 2013 fully loaded everything but the kitchen sink. Mostly cause there was no kitchen sink box to check. Dealer gave 1000 over invoice plus tax and license. 50,950.00 for the truck. I thought that was alot then. Loved the v8 and my wife decided she wanted a...
  16. Icecobra

    Another dealer playing games

    Under the law and in most jurisdictions there is a term called consideration. Once a dealer accepts money and agrees to a term there is a contract. Most dealers know this and put bs terms in saying this is not a contract. But in fact it is. They used your money for free for as long as they had...
  17. Icecobra

    When do you use Relays?

    Look at your amperage of your lighting and add it up. Example, 25 watt light 50 watt light 100 watt light... 175 watts total 175 devide by 13 (voltage) = roughly 13.5 amps draw. Most switches can not handle more than 5 to 10 amps. Causes switch to get very hot and fail. It's best practice to...
  18. Icecobra

    Livernois Tune PROBLEMS. DO NOT BUY

    Everyone think for a second. Loose nut are you partially to blame. First thing it's a tune written by humans, can they make a mistake, of course. Are you as the person who installed the tune responsible of course. Did you not see the signs hear the signs your having issues and waited for a...
  19. Icecobra

    Arkansas Raptor Run in the Ozark National Forest (March 19-21)

    Just a suggestion if your looking f poi r a good solid radio. Yaesu 7900 or 8900 are excellent 50 watt vehicle mounted radios. Matching it to a good antenna is a must and depends on how you want the antenna mounted. Mag or through the roof etc. Makes a difference. Stay away from hand held...
  20. Icecobra

    Truck got totaled help w/ value?

    Reality it can be fixed unfortunately it probably will be. But it's on the ding bats insurance until its maxed out then it's on you. But you can have the vehicle checked at your choice of body shops. Get it inspected even if you have to pay that cost upfront. Get her adjuster involved and find...
  21. Icecobra

    Sync 3.4 update ford logo

    I changed mine so I get different splash screens on start and exit
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    Winches?! Who has one? What do you think?

    I've owned so many including warn smitty built super winch mile marker Ramsey etc. They all worked did what was expected and never left me stranded. I had gen 1 added front and rear reciever hitch winch. You never know or when sh it will go wrong. Proper training how to use the winch with the...