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  1. Floyd554

    Dysfunctional Oil Filter Drip Catcher

    Did mine on level ground. Surprisingly easy with no real mess. No need for a Fumoto valve or anything else. No drips afterwards. Don’t know what all the fuss is about????? My only complaint is why doesn’t Ford use the same size/type of fastener on the oil filter access panel and...
  2. Floyd554

    Which Fumoto for Gen 3?

    Gotta say I don”t know what all the “mess” is about. After reading all the posts about the Gen 2s I was very worried about changing the oil for the first time in my Gen 3 myself. I was considering buying an oil valve before I tried an oil change, but I decided to hold off on that purchase...
  3. Floyd554

    Fender measurements after leveling

    Stay outta the Carolinas. They outlawed the “squat”.
  4. Floyd554

    Exhaust Modes Unavailable

    I took the Raptor into the dealership to have the exhaust checked. They stated it’s a faulty right side exhaust valve actuator. The part is on order and should be in next week. Hopefully this takes care of it. Thanks to all for your input.
  5. Floyd554

    Exhaust Modes Unavailable

    Thanks for the info. With these new trucks I always think something computer related first. I forget about the simple things. I couldn’t get it unplugged, so I just pushed it in. We will see if the problem continues. Thanks again.
  6. Floyd554

    Exhaust Modes Unavailable

    Recently my Gen3 fails to allow me to change the exhaust modes. This does not happen all the time, but it is happening more frequently than not. A message comes up that says that they are unavailable. Anyone else have this problem? Just trying to see if there’s something I can do...
  7. Floyd554

    Being offered a 22 with no Moonroof---Normal?

    Every damn vehicle my worst half gets she has to have a moonroof. Not 1 time in 20+ years have I ever seen her open one. In fact, she closes the shade most of the time. Biggest waste of money for me. When I ordered my Raptor (without including her) my salesman tried to push the moonroof...
  8. Floyd554

    Code orange wheel choice?

    I posted these pics on other threads, but I’ll make it easy for you my fellow CO.
  9. Floyd554

    MY24 order

    Sitting here wondering what was the OP”s purpose?????? He must love being on waiting lists. I’m gonna go see my salesman tomorrow and try to get on a the 2025 list. Everyone knows 25 is better than 24! Winning.
  10. Floyd554


    This guy is half right…..they’re gonna look BAD, not badass!!!!!!!! Fugly is a better word.
  11. Floyd554

    Flood Ford goes 175k/10 year

    Someone call CHiPs….ask for Officer Frank Poncherrello. Sounds like we got some fraud going on!!!!!
  12. Floyd554

    Rip Coolio

    RIP Jeffrey DAHMER….he’s a cannibal I used to know. Maybe he would’ve been a Raptor owner too. What the shit is this thread doing on a Ford Raptor forum???? Where are the administrators????!?
  13. Floyd554

    Powder Coated Wheels

    Never heard of “Power Coated” before. I’d love to see pictures also. .lmao ….lots of ball busters around here.
  14. Floyd554

    Husky mud guards

    The guys a perfectionist……remember? If you’re going to be correct you should have said PERFECTLY UGLY! (Not my opinion…I believe all Raptors look good, I just know the Gator Flaps are ugly).
  15. Floyd554

    Fog Light Covers

    I’d trade for a beer also if you were close. I took em off and replaced them with the amber covers.
  16. Floyd554

    Husky mud guards

    I dont think he’s saying they are better. I believe he’s reaffirming the fact that the Gators are way way overpriced. Also, that the Gators are about the ugliest thing you can put on a Raptor. So let’s all calm down and just get along.
  17. Floyd554

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Finally decided to go with the Rokbkokz XL mud flaps. I have 0 offset wheels and needed the extra width. I did not like the added length at all. Once I received the flaps I cut 1.25” from the length of the front flaps. The width is perfect for 0 offset wheels. IMO this is the way...
  18. Floyd554

    Is Gen 3 37PP Beadlock ring vanity or functional? Any Ford Techs that can help here?

    Some people should not be allowed to own a Raptor. A Prius is much better suited for the Starbucks Drive Thru.
  19. Floyd554

    RokBlokz MudFlaps

    I have 0 offset wheelsi on my Raptor. I like the width of the xl’s, but not the length. Anyone have any ideas on this? Anyone running the regular Rokblox with similar offset? I looked at the Husky and WT and they just don’t seem wide enough. If I get to xl”s for the width would it...
  20. Floyd554


    For $903 a few hookers better come with em to help with the install!!!!!
  21. Floyd554

    Bed Liner Reviews

    I have the Bedrug Impact Liner. It is easier to clean than the Classic Liner. The floor section of the Impact series is not the “rug” texture. It is a smoother surface that can easily be swept out or hosed. I also have the Bak X4S tonneau cover and really like it.
  22. Floyd554

    Bed Liner Reviews

    Stay away from a full plastic bed liner. It will scratch up the bed and do more harm than good in the long run. A spray in is great, just doesn’t protect against dents. I got a Bedrug and love it. Looks real good, won’t scratch the bed, easy to clean, cushioned, and less expensive than...
  23. Floyd554

    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    Received my check the other day. $795. All is well in the world. Now if only Eibach or Geiser would come out with a spring kit for me to spend it on.
  24. Floyd554

    Husky Rear Wheel Liner

    You put it on wrong. That is supposed to tuck behind the shock. Also, I have the Rugged Liners….. I have no idea of how they could possibly get “pushed out”. Maybe another installer error?????