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  1. Todd Miller

    How concerning is buying a G2 without Cam Phasers addressed?

    My 2018 Raptor has no issues, 20k miles. If your under 70k miles, Ford does cams for free or todays price is $2500.00. I just dropped off the Raptor and will wait for the we’re done call.
  2. Todd Miller

    Anyone running Yokohama Geolander M/T G003 tires?

    Look deep on who owns Yoko brand tires. You’ll find Goodyear there!
  3. Todd Miller

    Cam Phasers recall mistakes

    My 2018 Raptor is original, stock cam phasers and settings. I contacted my dealer for updates of program and cam phasers under the Ford recall letters. 6-weeks is next appointment. Sad news was if you’d not had retuned phaser program before April 2022, you don’t come up on Fords list of Raptor...
  4. Todd Miller

    FNG from Sugarland, with Gen 3 35’er!

    Helfman wouldn’t give you a break? I’m a long-timer at Helfman and always got a “deal”.
  5. Todd Miller

    Ford F150 Master Brake Cylinder Class Action lawsuit

    I had a ‘16 Coyote engine F150, and sold it for ‘18 Raptor. Got post card for both on litigation. Says do nothing as see what settles out. Ford is fighting it regardless so anyones guess.
  6. Todd Miller

    Allocation Opportunity…?

    My '18 came without any ADM, had all the options and the dealer added Bedliner, full window tint and the 7/70 warranty. Same dealer I'd done business with 4 times prior. I'd never pay ADM!!
  7. Todd Miller

    Ford Blue Cruise Refund fiasco...

    What is this “blue cruise” omission for or about?
  8. Todd Miller

    Real world MPG

    My ‘18 is babied, but averages 18 mpg on highway at 75mph, about 16 mpg in Burbs which is mix of road speeds. If I run 87-octane on highway mileage drops a bit, but normally only use 93-octane.
  9. Todd Miller

    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    Sorry for the Raptor failure. My ‘18 has been absolutely trouble free and I love it. Sold my ‘16 Coyote engine model and loved it, but the ‘18 was a retirement toy and runs like a rabbit on fire!
  10. Todd Miller

    A Few 2022's will be available soon!

    Auto Nation, aka Katy Ford I’ve dealt with and walked out all but one time. I’ll keep my ‘18 with 17k miles!!
  11. Todd Miller

    Anyone Making Custom Tumblers Anymore?

    You pick colors, brand of tumbler, illustration of logos wanted, my wife can make them sealed in epoxy to never fade or otherwise. She’s done Yeti, Orcas, and other brands but I’d stick to the good name brands as all hand done.
  12. Todd Miller

    Cam Phaser issue after repair

    I’ve yet to have cam phaser recall done. Haven’t had any issues and truck runs like a bandit. Keep h off work as no reason after seeing remarks post cam work.
  13. Todd Miller

    2021 37" vs 2022 37"? Differences?

    Do Arcaro seats have air conditioning like my ‘18? I’m not giving up that butt cooler system here in Texas! I’ve got 17k miles on mine as I’m retired but it’s a thrill to drive and paid for!
  14. Todd Miller

    Engine Oil Grade Discrepancy Question

    Full Mobil 1 synthetic and quart of Lucas to top it off. Never an issue and new filter every 5k miles.
  15. Todd Miller

    Move from BMW X5 to Raptor?

    I’ve owned BMW 3 & 5-series for 30+ years. Went first F150 in 2010, then 2nd F150 with coyote engine in 2016. 2018 Raptor as fast as I can afford tickets, goes like bat outta hell, fun to drive, won’t ever go back either until can get Shelby motor in one. Hennessy is 30-mins from my house as well.
  16. Todd Miller

    Gen 2 full/semi blend motorcraft oil

    Mobile 1 and quart of Lucas oil treatment!
  17. Todd Miller

    New Rigid Light Bar Installed

    According to Rigid the end brackets require drilling. Looking closely there appears to be black horizontal brackets coming under-through below grill with 3-hole end of light bar brackets attached to the black horizontal plate. How’d you ultimately get get lights to stay in place?
  18. Todd Miller

    Recommendation For Dealer Service in Houston

    I go to Hellman Ford on SW Freeway. 4th vehicle I’ve bought there and they treat me like gold.
  19. Todd Miller

    Quick Question - Oil

    2018 Changed factory oil/filter at 2500 miles. Mobile 1 synthetic and quart of Lucas oil treatment every 5k miles. This is 3rd F150 and never burns oil, runs like cheetah, and never any issues.
  20. Todd Miller

    Bought my 2019 Raptor and looking to enhance its look. Fog Lights

    I bought/stole in negotiations of my ‘18 Ingot Raptor. Dealer installed, and they are landing craft bright fogs. See everything in half-mike. Totally impressed!
  21. Todd Miller

    miles per gallon

    5000 miles on ‘18. Took 500 mile trip to Louisiana on 87 octane averaged 80-mph and 19+ on truck. Norm is 17.5 in town!
  22. Todd Miller

    Ford authority/new motor

    Fully loaded, reports show $95k sticker.
  23. Todd Miller

    GEN 2 anti-collision in operation

    I heard it works, but, never felt any response in my Raptor except lights & warning noise. In Houston you drive in D-Fence mode ready to brake as there’s lot of Stupid Drivers here. I always use my brakes, haven’t ever seen technology beat my foot!
  24. Todd Miller

    GEN 2 Fog Light Pocket Covers

    I put the Ford fog lights in. Bang they light up everything for blocks, Aux-1 switch is the go button. The fogs got more kW output than brights on headlights!