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  1. RotorHead695

    2018 Ford F150 Raptor SCREW - Leadfoot - 98,697 Miles - $45,900 - Oregon

    2018 Ford F150 Raptor SCREW - Leadfoot - 98,697 Miles - $45,900 - Oregon All options for model year except for decals. Window sticker available on request. -Leadfoot Grey -802a Package -Raptor Technology Package -Carbon Fiber Package -Panoramic Moon Roof -Rear Heated Seat Truck is in...
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    Used - RSI SmartCap EVO Sport - Oregon (PDX)

    ***SOLD*** RSI SmartCap EVO Sport for 2015 – 2020 Ford F150 (5.5 ft bed) in excellent condition. (Will fit 2021+ with longer front panel.) Includes all original keys and mounting clamps. $3,200 OBO; you transport
  3. RotorHead695

    Tire wear on 2018

    Abnormal tire wear can be from alignment, improper PSI or worn out shocks. Regardless to finding a solution to your tire wear, you are pretty close to the rebuild interval for the shocks "road use only". Given that you have done light off-roading, you are eating away at the 50k mile "road use...
  4. RotorHead695

    Baja S2 lens to match OEM amber

    I have the BD SAE in "amber" and the yellow performs much better than true amber. If you care about looks over performance, get the Rigid Radiance lights.
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    Best Winter Tires for Gen2?

    For those of you who like the Duratracs and qualify for USAA banking, you can get them for 25% off.
  6. RotorHead695

    Best Winter Tires for Gen2?

    Yeah, but they are also a AT/MT they pretty much blow away all AT competition as far as performance without the full amount of noise of an MT. And they have snow/ice performance that MT's don't. I personally think KO2s don't perform well for my environmental factors. I would...
  7. RotorHead695

    Honesty.. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    I bought my truck used with 20" wheels and Ridge Grapplers already on it. I hated them both, the tires didn't channel water very well in heavy rain and the ride quality of the 20's and E rated tires was awful. Can't speak to snow or mud performance as I junked them before I got to that point...
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    Ford Lightning Raptor 2025

    I'd love to see an Ecoboost Raptor with the generator and motor in the transmission but with no batteries. Save on the weight, but get that instant torque while waiting on the turbos.
  9. RotorHead695

    What surfaces can Baja mode be used

    Gravel is not a solid surface. Using 4WD on gravel roads is perfectly acceptable.
  10. RotorHead695

    Should I go two Baja fogs or 3?

    Only problem for people who want them for road use is that BD doesn't make SAE in the S2.
  11. RotorHead695

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs in 315/70R17. Join USAA bank and you can get Goodyears for 25% off. You don't need to be military to join the bank, only the insurance portion. My favorite tire, but may not be for everyone. They perform awesome in my environmental factors and look better, but...
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    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    I run D rated tires. Great compromise between C's and E's for strength and ride quality. Lighter than the OEM C's too!
  13. RotorHead695

    Hard shifts between 3-4

    My 2018 was shifting really, really hard between 4-5 and 7-8, felt like I was being rear ended. So hard that I thought something was going to break using sport mode and I quit using it. Found a TSB that said some trucks have bad transmission programming and need a reflash. The reflash solved...
  14. RotorHead695

    RSI Smartcap - Review (2020 Raptor)

    Same...a bitch to open when they freeze, otherwise love it.
  15. RotorHead695

    Paying msrp gen3

    I had one on order for MSRP and $3k cash back from Ford. Let the order go after comparing it to my Gen 2 on the lot. Just couldn't do it. That said, it has different capabilities, just don't need them right now.
  16. RotorHead695

    Side views folding in at speed

    I fold mine in on a bridge while driving because it's so narrow. My worry isn't fitting myself, it's the oncoming traffic that tends to veer toward the centerline in their own fear.
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    Back seat gets no AC. Normal?

    My 2018 is the same. The air is cold, but almost no flow.
  18. RotorHead695

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    You can still get a warranty, you'll just have to get it inspected to qualify for the ESP.
  19. RotorHead695

    deaver question

    I have Eibachs in the front and carry a static load of 400 lbs in the bed. The sag on the OEM springs was noticeable even before putting on the Eibachs. I have the Deaver +3HD and it now sits level. I wish I had gone with the +4 HDs to handle additional sag when trailer is attached or more...
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    What tires are everyone running?

    I'm on my second set on the Raptor. Ran them on my two previous trucks too, they have never let me down.
  21. RotorHead695

    What tires are everyone running?

    Terrain, weather and your use case should be considered over looks in my opinion. Does weight matter? Road noise? Longevity? Wrangler Duratracs....the only tire I'll run in the PNW. Luckily you can also get 25% off by joining USAA bank. I would still choose this tire without a discount.
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    Apple Car Play Integration

    It's why I'm still sitting in my Raptor. If Toyota ever got their shit together and produced a high end product, I'd jump ship in a heartbeat.
  23. RotorHead695

    Apple Car Play Integration

    At least you can drive in a Tundra. Ratio of repairs based on my experiences with Ford vs Toyota is 11:1. And that is only 3 years for Ford ownership as compared to 8 years of Toyota. I imagine that ratio will keep slipping.
  24. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    I didn't flame them publicly and didn't go off, but I filled up an entire page in a word document on my service experiences since I've owned the truck and gave them realistic ratings on every question in the survey. I will still be calling Ford CS.