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  1. downforce137

    Godzilla 7.3 Swap

    :shakehead: yeah gotta keep it nice for the next guy.. you paid $80k??? thats probably the most absurd thing ive read on here.. a new crate engine, new crate transmission and then integrated as OEM using OEM modules and retaining all OEM features is a pretty sound investment for those that...
  2. downforce137

    Tool to torque lower shock bolt

    maybe its the nut that is to replaced every time.. its nylock so maybe thats what im thinking about, regardless, reused many times.
  3. downforce137

    Tool to torque lower shock bolt

    i bought the 3/8" version of that torquing tool.. seems to work well for $30.. previous experiences with electronic torque wrenches arent great, especially at high torque numbers, but im not sure the cost can be justified for a multiplier unless there is other things it will be used on.. i'd...
  4. downforce137

    VHF Radio Mounting Tips i did 1.5mm x 100mm x 200mm
  5. downforce137

    Rear up travel.

    it was my understanding that the driveshaft starts becoming the limiting factor after an RST18... check to make sure... nice to see someone showing us all what is possible with these trucks...
  6. downforce137

    VHF Radio Mounting Tips

    Yes, opens and closes like normal yes remote mic cord..this unit plugs the mic into the side of the faceplate so wouldnt really work without this setup
  7. downforce137

    Rear up travel.

    you are running an 18"? you might be pushing the limits of the stock rear driveshaft, so be sure to check it out in both directions...might be time for a 2 piece bolted in unit..
  8. downforce137

    Install new Tow Hooks

    rear ones are welded to the hitch
  9. downforce137

    Gen 3 & R Front Differentials Grenading

    The earlier case was 2009-2021 as far as I could tell.. maybe they changed something or maybe the site wasn't up to date but there's been many failures of front differentials.. the case is unable to deal with ring gear deflection on coast/decel/reverse.. I just put one in my gen2...
  10. downforce137

    VHF Radio Mounting Tips

    gen2, but similar...TYT TH9800, GJ chase light antenna mount..i made the faceplate out of a piece of carbon fiber from amazon which was about $20 for 2 4"x 8" pieces
  11. downforce137

    Velociraptor Front Wheel "Floating" Spacer?

    aftermarket floating brake rotor...def not a wheel spacer after looking again, there might be small spacer in front unless that is part of the rotor, probably wheel to caliper clearance issue... i dont see anything strange out back
  12. downforce137

    Skid plate paint color

    Ingot silver is a light silver, magnetic is dark like the flares.. Fairly sure the skidplate is ingot silver with no clear, and the flares on gen2 magnetic with no clear, but gen1 had sterling gray and another color for bumpers/flares
  13. downforce137

    Auxbeam | The best switch panel money can buy?

    great post.. thanks for coming in
  14. downforce137

    How many of you have had to replace the tailgate actuator?

    i had to change the lock actuator on my gen1, but it still had a normal handle, and not a button to release..
  15. downforce137

    stress crack in front diff housing

    More drama.. nice diff cover hits the steering rack pretty good but not anymore...... Looked at some of the other covers that have been used and seem to fit, not one had a gusset in this area.. lol
  16. downforce137

    stress crack in front diff housing

    as you can see, a lot of fracturing going on idea if this all happened at once, over time but clearly an engineering defect. truck has 66k, and at most 15k in 4WD.. not really sure about this carrier bearing.. it was about half like this.. maybe the tweaked housing was causing...
  17. downforce137

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Swapped my diff into the junkyard case. Needed a little shim adjustment to close up the backlash.. pattern looks good so time to make it 4wd again..
  18. downforce137

    Possible Gen 1 raptors….

    just by looking at the pic of the shock, it has not been done right... theres no solonoid, which means the shock valve is closed giving full could add on an SDI Eclick system and make them work, but at the least a live valve delete from RPG should be installed.. the 5.4L is...
  19. downforce137

    Rear up travel.

    id think it should be at a similar angle as the shocks, as thats what limit straps are really protecting.
  20. downforce137

    FP Baja raptors on 35s

    Loren Healy said in an IG post it is running 37s...
  21. downforce137

    stress crack in front diff housing

    I bought a used f150 diff from a junkyard and I'll swap my internals in... $275.. The dealer wanted $185 just for the estimate. Used raptor diff on ebay was $1000-$1500.. I'm hoping to be under $600 with an upgraded cover..
  22. downforce137

    Rear up travel.

    yeah i misspoke...i meant full compression
  23. downforce137

    I might of messed up

    you have to compress the spring in order to adjust the ride height.. they probably werent willing to use the autozone type compressors on the truck, so they took them off to use a wall mounted compressor..
  24. downforce137

    Rear up travel.

    Guys... you have to set up the springs like this for full COMPRESSION... theres really no other way to smash the suspension safely. im quite sure hes not driving it like this...