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  1. Frogger22

    Will you even consider a Cybertruck (Fun Poll)

    A Tesla car would be a perfect addition to a Raptor as a secondary vehicle. The Tesla truck doesn’t fit into that equation.
  2. Frogger22

    35 vs 37 Fuel economy different?

    Gen. 3 37’s…getting 17 MPG probably averaged
  3. Frogger22

    Locking Gas Caps

    Only thought is ppl think it’s needed for Emissions/ smog check, but it isn’t needed for our trucks
  4. Frogger22

    Fake engine noise in R confirmed?

    Yeah they pump in V6 noise to not offend the barista at Starbucks when you ordering your orange mocha Frappuccino…:party33:
  5. Frogger22

    Im a new member

  6. Frogger22

    Im a new member

    The saints…Nice! In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti
  7. Frogger22

    Im a new member

    “I'm not poor I’m joining the military”
  8. Frogger22

    2024 Markup…?

    The TRX dying off will hurt this plan IMO. Ford will now be alone in the segment meaning they will keep building low numbers of R’s until the near future when they kill it off for good. This will translate in high R prices forever. Ford only built the R because of the TRX and now that it is gone...
  9. Frogger22

    RAM 1500 TRX dead after MY2024

    You shouldn’t have to do it in the first place
  10. Frogger22

    2024 F-150

    If you turn your head and put your ear to them you don’t hear sound? I 100% can hear sound coming out if I do that on my 2023
  11. Frogger22

    PTSD and me

    The biggest thing missing in all our lives when you move on from the military (after not enough God time) is the brotherhood we forged together in those harshest of places. Those were not just friends or work colleagues but my brothers! We were family to the end forged in the fire. And then one...
  12. Frogger22

    PTSD and me

    Salute you for watching the Rocky Mountain showdown! The best one in history by far!
  13. Frogger22

    PTSD and me

    It was the ice cream! If they brought it out deployment is going the distance
  14. Frogger22

    2024 F-150

    Subscription required
  15. Frogger22

    R Update for 2024

    Who at Ford is making these graphics good god they just keep upping the trash
  16. Frogger22

    GEN 1 Gen 1 Restoration Project / Cost Estimate help needed

    It will likely be a money pit that once you put any money into you won’t be able to stop till it’s fully done. I’d buy another truck and thank it for its service on the way by.