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  1. Allmarine

    GEN 1 Colour coded flares

    Some pics from the paint booth.
  2. Allmarine

    GEN 1 Colour coded flares

    Also added the Morimoto headlights which are quite dark but seem lighter in the pic.
  3. Allmarine

    GEN 1 Colour coded flares

    Thought it was time for a face lift. Colour coded the flares and bumpers body colour and did the grille and skid plate gloss black.
  4. Allmarine

    High Idle Problem

    These vehicles are converted here in Australia. Several companies do this however like everything some do a great job and some don't. This is one of the good ones.
  5. Allmarine

    High Idle Problem

    So anyone interested in an update on this issue. The previous owner had installed a catch can to the passenger side of the engine (between the PCV valve and the blower) however he also T this into the vacuum line on the drivers side (between the rocker cover and intake tube) resulting in the...
  6. Allmarine

    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    They look like 37", do you have any rubbing. I have the same offset wheel with 35" and had to trim the inside front liner and frame to stop rubbing on full lock turns, especially if the suspension is compressed.
  7. Allmarine

    High Idle Problem

    You are correct, the in gear idle should be about 725rpm. I recently fitted the 69mm pulley, JDM tune and Cobrajet throttle body however the problem was pre-existing. I have been emailing Jim for advise and he has been very helpful. I suspect I have a vacuum leak below the blower. I had a tech...
  8. Allmarine

    High Idle Problem

    I have an issue with the idle on my 2013 F150 Raptor. Symptoms: Cold start idle is 1800rpm then after about 20 sec will drop to 1200rpm In gear idle is about 800rpm Deceleration sometimes the idle drops almost to stall then back to 800rpm When hot after driving return to park and idle about...
  9. Allmarine

    GEN 1 Daily Driving with Supercharger

    I am on my third supercharged F150. My 5.0L Whipple used by far the least amount of "gas" and had the most blower whine. Both my 6.2L had Roush and were sadly too quiet, they average 13mpg (and I get a speeding ticket almost monthly). Though I didn't buy any of them with fuel consumption a...
  10. Allmarine

    Is fuse 27 swap really necessary?

    It is inevitable that the fuse wiring will melt. Do the mod now before you are left stranded and the fuse holder melts.
  11. Allmarine

    Livernois Procharger Install-Advice/Input Needed

    I have the 6.6L supercharged with all the extra bits done. Do it once and do it properly.
  12. Allmarine

    Increase Roush supercharger whine?

    I had a 2013 with Roush SC and the smallest pulley from VMP, minimal whine. Then got a F150 Shelby with the Whipple, lots of whine. Just got another 2013 with a 6.6L Livernois Powerstorm engine and Roush SC, can't hear the whine at all. My understanding is that the design of the vanes in the TVS...
  13. Allmarine

    PLEASE HELP - Looking at a gen 1

    I had a 2013 Gen 1. Purchased new here in Aus and traded it about 2 years ago. Got my money back on it. Awesome truck and in a lot of ways wish i still had it now. They are still holding good value here second hand.
  14. Allmarine

    Australian owner Gen1

    Well done and congrats. If you have the supercharger fitted i would suggest pulling the plugs to check condition and perhaps replacing them, plug gap is critical on a charged engine. Remember you have a twin plug engine so that's 16 sparklers. Carry a spare belt and a 1/2" breaker bar so you can...
  15. Allmarine

    GEN 2 Too much Carbon??

    I don't see the point in putting real carbon in a Ford truck, the Hyrdo-dip look is totally fine and better than the stick on stuff.
  16. Allmarine

    Is fuse 27 swap really necessary?

    When it blows, and it will happen the fuse holder and surrounds will melt, making it a bigger job than it needs to be plus you will have a slightly melted fuse box where the #27 goes. Just do it your self or find someone to do it.
  17. Allmarine

    Anyone go to a Platinum 5.0 and regret it?

    They are really 2 totally different vehicles. I bought a Raptor because it had all the high performance bits on it and looked awesome. i had no intention of ever going off road so it was a waste of a good vehicle really. I sold it and the new owner blew up the engine within a month towing a 7t...
  18. Allmarine

    Ranger Raptor in the Wild of Austrailia

    We think everything is expensive down under... The Ranger Raptor is about $AUD78k. Super duties are about $AUD150k upwards depending the model and spec, F150 Raptor is about $AUD200k, Shelby F150 is $AUD250k and the Shelby Raptor is $AUD295k. Having said that, the resales on these trucks here...
  19. Allmarine

    Ranger Raptor in the Wild of Austrailia

    We have the F trucks here in Australia, but they are not imported through Ford Australia, are in extremely low volume, and expensive. The Ranger here is made in Thailand, and all variants are Diesel.
  20. Allmarine

    GEN 2 Carbon fiber Shelby trim

    The CF interior trim on the Shelby is Hydro dipped, its not real carbon.
  21. Allmarine

    Amber Rear Turn Signals

    Here in Australia we have to fit amber LED indicators into the bumper to comply with local regulations. The OEM tail light then has the Brake, Night time Red and the White reverse light.
  22. Allmarine

    making these old shocks look new again

    What did you do with the blue bits? Did you have them re-anodised? And where do you get the decals from. They look awesome.