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  1. trayack

    Gen1 king 3.0 shocks 2 sets new and used many other parts as well

    PM'd you about the Recon Headlights. - Travis
  2. trayack

    Ford Raptor Steering Rack - Upgrade Possibility

    I've had a new oem rack on order from my ford dealer for 14 months now, and still no closer to actually getting one. I'm not getting any fluid leaking, but I do get a horrible rattling sound/feeling through the wheel when going over small stutter bumps. Literally sounds like the steering shaft...
  3. trayack

    MBRP Gen1 SCAB cat back exhaust system

    Any chance you'd be willing to ship to 02554? - Travis
  4. trayack

    Priority Code 01

    What that really means is its leaking in their parking lot not yours.... One would be safe to assume its being held due to the front cover/crank seal issue. - Travis
  5. trayack

    HELP - Rear End Clunk/Pop (no not that one)

    I sent a ton of videos to ICON and after a LONG TIME I finally heard back. Their reply stated that I should simply ensure that the leafs are straight and even in the pack. They are....and this is an unacceptable reply in my book. To be honest I hardly drive the truck these days other than to...
  6. trayack

    Anyone drop the headliner yet?

    Just another update for you guys. About a year and a half ago I was poking around and found NVX's self adhesive acoustic foam. Figured I'd give it a shot as it was cheep and easy to install. HOLY CRAP does this stuff make an instantly recognizable difference. I simple added it to the inside of...
  7. trayack


    Just search "hidden winch mount 2013 ford raptor" on google and buy the one that pops up. I've been running the mount with my Smitty Built X2O 12K winch for 5 years or so now. I do beach towing as a side hustle and the setup has been AMAZING. Before that I used a 50ft kinetic bubba rope and it...
  8. trayack

    TFL Raptor R Review

    TFL is complete dog shit. Their commentary sucks, their reviews suck, their personalities suck…. I’m amazed they they have a successful channel.
  9. trayack

    GEN 1 Clunk from steering rack?

    Still waiting for the rack.... - Travis
  10. trayack

    Hidden winch mount with aftermarket bumper?

    One of the main issues we are going to face with this is that ADD and a few other of the main producers aren't making most of their Gen1 bumper options anymore. When I called ADD they said unless whatever website you're looking at physically has a bumper in stock, you'll only be able to order...
  11. trayack

    Hidden winch mount with aftermarket bumper?

    Again, I have EXACTLY the winch mount setup I want so no need to change that up. Simply asking if anyone knows if the aftermarket bumpers have the same frontal opening as the OEM bumper does. - Travis
  12. trayack

    Hidden winch mount with aftermarket bumper?

    Correct, most of the aftermarket bumpers have the cutout. The conundrum on my end is "is that cut-out in the same general place as the cutout in the OEM bumper where the plastic fake grill lives"... With the hidden winch mount, that's where the fairlead comes through. Also....ADD doesn't even...
  13. trayack

    GEN 1 Clunk from steering rack?

    Well I'd love to offer up my update after the rack was replaced BUT my appointment was canceled because the dealership couldn't get the rack. Got a call the day before it was supposed to go in for the work and was told the rack hadn't shown up yet and when they checked, they were told it was...
  14. trayack

    Hidden winch mount with aftermarket bumper?

    Hey all, I'm currently running a hidden winch mount with my OEM bumper and I love the combo. However, a drunk guy on an E-Bike decided he wasn't a fan of the entire front end of my truck and driver's door so I now have the opportunity to replace/upgrade those parts. I'd like to keep my hidden...
  15. trayack

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    I went to my dealer today and he confirmed scheduling will start on 8/18/22.
  16. trayack

    Raptor R Orders

    You people with the “a V8 swap would be less” have no idea what it would actually take to make that happen on a cost, parts, programming and labor standpoint. It’s a HUGE undertaking and at the end of the day, you’ll just have a bastardized non-R with zero warranty.
  17. trayack

    Screwed by Dealer

    They can’t put it at that price point because that’s where the standard raptor lives. It has to live at this higher point and lower volume.
  18. trayack

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Order date - 7/19/22 CODE - 19 Color - Azure Grey Options - moonroof/tailgate Op Eq - spray in bed liner Location - MA - Travis
  19. trayack

    Welp lets go

    Whelp, I guess I’ll join the convo now too. Order placed this morning. I went with Azure Grey, bed liner, moonroof/tailgate. - Travis
  20. trayack

    GEN 1 Clunk from steering rack?

    UPDATE - 7/12/22 Dealer looked at the truck and didn’t really find anything that stood out like crazy. He ( I know and trust the tech personally) stated that there was slight play in the passenger side ball joint, and there was a bit of fluid weep from the rack as well. Rack mounting bolts were...
  21. trayack

    GEN 1 Clunk from steering rack?

    Did anyone ever figure out what this issue is? I just starting having this exact issue about 500 miles ago. (I don’t drive the truck a whole lot.) Mine is a 2013 with 65k miles on it. - Travis
  22. trayack

    New drivers seat cover

    I replaced my drivers seat lower with a new cover and foam pad from The Seat Shop. Quality is excellent and it matches very well with the OEM cover. I will note that the heat/AC doesn’t work very well with the new seat cover bottom though. Not sure if it’s a thicker material than OEM or what...
  23. trayack

    Raptor R - Waitlists & Prices

    I’ve wanted a GT3 for a while now. Just something about driving something that is so perfectly engineered but still has heart and soul. I’d definitely consider a Gen2 R8 but the GT3 actually has a much larger frunk and has the rear storage space too. Going on a weekend trip in an R8 (no matter...
  24. trayack

    HELP - Rear End Clunk/Pop (no not that one)

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Mine has done this exact same thing since the first rain after the install, that was 2-3 years ago. When its dry its totally fine, but as soon as there‘s moisture up the air it sounds/feels like a $2 hunk of crap. I’m basically at the point where I’m...
  25. trayack

    Did Ford Shut down the build line?

    I have no doubt that Ford stopped the line for a bit at this point. I was simply saying that no dealership currently has a Raptor R "on order" as you can not currently order one. They could have expected allocation spots but you physically can not order an R now. - Travis