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  1. svt10th

    Black Rhino Apache wheels

    Is anyone running the Black Rhino Apache wheels on their gen 2? I cant find any decent pics online on Raptors. Looking for some feedback on the wheels from anyone thats running them. Thanks
  2. svt10th

    2020 BEADLOCKS (5)

  3. svt10th

    WTT My Tailgate for one with Applique

    Want to trade my Race Red Non Applique tailgate with step for a tailgate with the applique, I can add cash on my end. I would prefer it to be Race Red. Located in Southern/Central California but willing to travel. Thanks.
  4. svt10th

    Use Your Warranty

    I need to take mine in for the red stripe fade on the steering wheel. I have a feeling they are going to make me use my extended warranty to get $100 out of me lol
  5. svt10th

    first truck owner

    Black just looks so good. Congrats and enjoy
  6. svt10th

    Cam Phaser Replacement, No noise

    Thank you. That’s what I was looking for.
  7. svt10th

    Cam Phaser Replacement, No noise

    So I took my 2018 with 36K miles in to the dealer to have the 21N08 done cause I had a very slight shudder after getting the 21N03 done. When I picked it up the Service advisor asked if I had a Rattle at start up and I said no which I don't. He then offered to replace the Cam Phasers anyways and...
  8. svt10th

    From Teslas to Raptor

    Beautiful truck love the color. Congrats on the purchase
  9. svt10th

    New Owner in WA

    Congrats, White always looks really good.
  10. svt10th

    Raptor Assault - S-U-C-K-E-D

    Looked like fun thanks for the pics.
  11. svt10th

    2010 Molten Orange Raptor Scab build thread

    Nice love the gen 1 scab
  12. svt10th

    New Member Check in 2019 Performance Blue

    Beautiful truck congrats
  13. svt10th

    FSA 21N08

    What what be the fix for a truck with these symptoms assuming it has cam journal damage? Thanks
  14. svt10th

    My First Pickup Truck Is A Raptor

    Congrats thats a nice choice.
  15. svt10th

    FSA 21N08

    Yes its just really slight shake at decal for me but it wasnt there till after they did the 21B10. I have an appointment next week for the 21N08. That is supposed to fix it
  16. svt10th

    Reprogrammed PCM - Now it Stalls

    Mine has the same issue with the shudder after that recall. If you search 21N08 you'll see that's the fix for it. call your dealer and schedule an appointment
  17. svt10th

    Nex Gen 2 Build

    Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to post that
  18. svt10th

    GEN 2 New shoes and rubber.(pics added pg 2)

    Those look good. Cant wait to see how they look on the Black.
  19. svt10th

    Nex Gen 2 Build

    Thank you. I tinted my windows a little too dark so I want to add some Reverse lights like that
  20. svt10th


    Only premium. It’s not that much more.
  21. svt10th

    Nex Gen 2 Build

    How bright are those rear lights?
  22. svt10th

    FSA 21N08

    My 2018 had the shudder after the dealer did the 21B10, Back it goes for the 21N08 Anything I should watch for after its completed?