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  1. tabvette

    MOAB video! Onion Creek Baja portion!

    Awesome Vids, thanks for sharing.
  2. tabvette

    Raptors at Bonneville Salt Flats!

    That night photo is absolutely epic. that should be a screen saver.
  3. tabvette

    Huge Jumps in the Raptor!

    Looks Absolutely awesome.
  4. tabvette

    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    I really wish you would not hold back on your feelings. Just let it all out LOL.
  5. tabvette

    I’m Back!

    Welcome to the Code Orange Crewe!!
  6. tabvette

    I'm from Texas bi...

    Quite the entry. Thanks for the laughs. Welcome to the forum
  7. tabvette

    My Raptor R Alternative

    My dad and I restored a '63 when i was a kid. My helping was holding the flashlight and finding the wrench my dad threw across the garage. He sold it shortly after I was heartbroken. It surfaced about 5 years ago and I tried to buy it, the person left it in a damp barn and it needed a...
  8. tabvette

    New with a 2023 Raptor

    Happy New Raptor day! Congratulations!! and Welcome to the Forum.
  9. tabvette

    2008 Correct Craft Air Nautique SV211

    Update. Sold
  10. tabvette

    New to Me 2017 Avalanche SCREW

    Welcome to the Forum. Nice ride.
  11. tabvette

    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    Here, I will help you start the conversation with what is wrong with your truck so you are having to go through the lemon law. The first problem was....... ( you fill in the blank). The second problem was.....( you continue with the problems from here). ok. your turn.
  12. tabvette

    Modular bumper question

    Not really integrated, but better than nothing. At least they are trying to do something that will allow use of all the features of the truck still.
  13. tabvette

    37PP Overlanding Build Thread

    Looks Awesome, you are actually using the truck for its intended purpose and I applaud you for it. Mine sits in a parking lot at work all week wondering why I abandon it. LOL.
  14. tabvette

    Rator R owners here you go

    Since you all left this softball just hanging over the plate for 2 days, I will take it........... "That's what she said"!!
  15. tabvette

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome "back" to the Forum. Very nice ride.
  16. tabvette

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Yes. But 4 hrs later sucks
  17. tabvette

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    And now it's raining. Dang it.
  18. tabvette

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Griots ceramic coat and a whole lot of tire shine.
  19. tabvette

    Finally Got a Raptor

    This group probably thinks he is trying to give your truck a proper sendoff. They are a bunch of sickies around here. LOL
  20. tabvette

    New Albertan Gen 3

    Welcome to the Forum, Glad to have you. @Nex is an angry elf. LOL.
  21. tabvette

    Gladiator transplant

    Welcome to the Forum. What part of NY are you in?
  22. tabvette

    From a Gen 2 to Gen 1 SE in SFL

    Welcome officially then!!
  23. tabvette

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    That is too bad, the weight reduction would be nice.
  24. tabvette

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Now that it is a year later, do you still like the Kansei? did you notice a difference in road manners or fuel economy with the weight savings?
  25. tabvette

    New member Dutchess County NY

    Anything east of I-81 can go back to NJ. Lol