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  1. GoDucks

    Wtb or trade my exhaust for stock

    Stock exhaust is quiet? I am old, to me it's loud and I was thinking about buying the platinum muffler to swap it out because it's quieter.
  2. GoDucks

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Nice, I'm about to buy the CVF intercooler. Did you remove or trim the shudder shroud? I keep seeing conflicting info about it? *edit* disregard I saw your directions and pictures on another thread. Nice job!
  3. GoDucks

    GEN 2 Powder coat 2019-2020 Beadlock Wheels??

    Wheels look great powder coated black! Can someone give me an idea of cost and how long takes? I don't have another set of wheels to roll on.
  4. GoDucks

    YULU E10 Plus Car Radio Review

    Seriously, why can't a well know company like Kenwood, Alpine or Pioneer develop one of these big screen head units for us. I'd buy immediately. Yulu unit does look good but that's frustrating to wait weeks or months.
  5. GoDucks

    Pill: Sell truck as is or or take parts off

    Most buyers could care less what aftermarket parts you have on the truck. People don't care and most of the time they prefer stock or maybe aftermarket rims. I'd take the parts off, sell it and recoup some cash to buy parts for your Gen3.
  6. GoDucks

    Sync 3 Jailbreak

    I found a YouTube video that showed me how to watch youtube videos on my screen while using android auto.
  7. GoDucks

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Found a song today giving props to Ford Raptors, now I like the song! Artist: Drake - knife talk "Ain't no regular F-150, this a ******' Raptor"
  8. GoDucks

    long-term reliability

    I have 58k miles and honestly don't think shock need rebuilding, my truck rides no different than my friends 2020 raptor that has 21k miles. I been off road on sand dunes a few times, hit trails exploring 10x, towed a 6k pound fishing boat 3x per year. I am going to buy new shocks maybe around...
  9. GoDucks

    Front camera help

    My front camera shows a blue screen, I put in a new camera and it did not fix it. Any ideas what to look at or trace the connection places?
  10. GoDucks

    YULU E10 Plus Car Radio Review

    Does this have RCA inputs to add amps or you have to retain factory amp?
  11. GoDucks

    Rear add-a-leafs installed

    You still get the rear wheel axle hop with AAL right?
  12. GoDucks

    Another New Phoenix 8 core unit Sc7862 in pre-release

    Yes, saw on YouTube. Probably going to be same price as the others so around $900. Agreed, want to keep sync and no Android 10 would be eehhh
  13. GoDucks

    Another New Phoenix 8 core unit Sc7862 in pre-release

    I heard the newest Linkswell version 5 is out now for our trucks. I'm tempted to get it but want 18x9 rims and tires first.
  14. GoDucks

    Wastegate Rattle?

    I found this interesting, I have no rattle but worth a look.
  15. GoDucks

    New Gen 2 Owner - Day 1 problems...[resolved, hopefully]

    Since it has an aftermarket intake and intercooler pipes, I'd go through and make sure everything is fitted properly and no disconnected parts. When I had a 2015 Ecoboost Lariat truck, I put on an intake and when I got on it on the freeway I heard a loud pop then loss of power and sputtering...
  16. GoDucks

    2019 802A

    How was the powerboost? I was interested for a bit but like my Raptor too much. In regards to your question, yes that recall work wouldn't scare me and I would buy.
  17. GoDucks

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Looks great, did you leave the factory block back there or removed it?
  18. GoDucks

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Had a rattling sound from my door that was driving me nuts, found that my speaker screw was loose. Put weather stripping under the speaker then drilled new mounting holes in the plastic speaker mount
  19. GoDucks

    Tire replacement time...

    I don't recall but probably whatever was recommended. Swapped to Duratracs after close to 30k miles.
  20. GoDucks

    Rebuild Gen 2 with V8 Conversion & 5-Link or Gen 3 for $25k-$30k over MSRP.........

    Yes, V8 rumble and sound is what some want but I'm a big fan of the 3.5 Ecoboost. Love the mileage for a high output performance offroad truck. Add a MPT tune and it's even better.
  21. GoDucks

    Rebuild Gen 2 with V8 Conversion & 5-Link or Gen 3 for $25k-$30k over MSRP.........

    Check out this video, basically this guy owns a company that modifies 5.0 F150s into Raptors. He says due to CPU, harnesses and sensors its too hard to swap out the Ecoboost.
  22. GoDucks

    Tire replacement time...

    I've said it many times KO2 are great only if you live in regions where it doesn't rain much. I wished they'd be better on wet pavement
  23. GoDucks

    Major engine issue after owning my raptor for a little over a month

    Sorry this happened to your truck. Get it all fixed and covered under warranty, be good to go. I have almost 60k miles on my truck and it has been solid. I got the MPT tune and going to get a CVF intercooler and be done with performance mods. I love these Raptors!
  24. GoDucks

    The death of car culture

    Part of the issue is that there are so many middle schools and high schools around the country that got rid of auto classes due to budget cuts or whatever. I was in 8th grade in the early 90s and my middle school had a metal shop and auto curriculum. We got to help our teach make mods and...