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  1. beachz

    RC Gen 3

    You can tell in the vids how hooked up that UDR suspension is, for sure.
  2. beachz

    RC Gen 3

    Nice stable "ghost of Christmas future"....
  3. beachz

    RC Gen 3

    Will do! I had to rush out and order a couple batteries and charger for the weekend. :) There are a couple pre order reviews out on the tube too...
  4. beachz

    RC Gen 3

    So.... I had this add pop up on my feed talking about pre-orders. I have been avoiding R/C trucks for quite a while because... well, like I really need another expensive "rabbit hole" hobby. However, I couldn't resist the new offering as it looks like this is a pretty sweet rig. I bit on...
  5. beachz

    Bear in a Rap, Evergreen, Colorado

    Descent sized black bear. The neighbor caught him on video and then a couple weeks later I caught him on the trail cam bellying up to the bird feeders drinking humming bird water and black oil sunflower seeds. :) I figure he would have washed down the ribs with a beer though.
  6. beachz

    Anyone Running 39s

    Brings me back to my youth when I asked a local coachbuilder and certified Porsche technician if I could put a 914 motor (type 4) in my baja bug. He tilted his head a little and said "son, you could put a windshield wiper on a billy goat's ass, but I don't know why you'd want to."
  7. beachz

    Bear in a Rap, Evergreen, Colorado

    Last year I left the garage door open.... and a bear found the garage fridge. He left all the beer but ate half a pot of chili, an entire frozen turkey, couple frozenracks of ribs, two packs of sliced cheese (wrappers and all), and who knows what else that was in the fridge. I will have to...
  8. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    As of yet, undetermined. I will post back after I have had a chance to do some testing. I am still waiting for my swr meter to come in for gmrs. Once I verify I am not going to smoke the radio, I will do some testing in he field and see how it goes. I have several friends running them on...
  9. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Midland has a spring sale and the MTX400 bundle was about $90 off. Today I installed the ghost antenna on a Rugged Radios mount and installed the radio in the center console. I will take a better pic of the console tomorrow when it is light out... and I tidy up the wires and cable a little.
  10. beachz

    ForScan for Newbs and must have mods

    I have looked through this thread and other threads on the subject but don't see anything about the reverse camera. On my Gen1, if I pull forward it doesn't disable as soon as I put it anything other than reverse and stays active until you reach 5mph or something moving forward. The after...
  11. beachz

    Won’t start, odd sound, flashing lights.

    This exact same think happened to me early last month. Drove the truck up to the store the evening before and everything was fine. Wife was going to drive it to work the next mooning and it freaked out. When I got home from work, the battery was putting out 6.8 volts. I put it on the charger...
  12. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Tough call. I probably would and that is not an insignificant amount of investment. I won't get too philosophical... but is was a good experience in a beautiful part of the country with a lot of great people. I would likely try to capitalize on the trip in some way other then just the school...
  13. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Yessir. All of our vehicles are "toys" and we agreed a long time ago that we wouldn't refrain from using them for what they were built for. We haven't have the new truck out on a proper run yet but those plans are in the works.
  14. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    About a week late, but we drove from CO to Utah for Raptor Assault. Both the wife and I drove and had a blast. Pretty fun to thrash someone else's truck. :) We made a trip of it and spent a couple days at Zion and Bryce Canyon on the way back.
  15. beachz

    Does anyone have a Jeep and a Raptor?

    Avid trail hound... I would never put my Raptor (either one) where I have put my Jeep. As a matter of fact, I have stood at the bottom of some obstacles and thought "we are going to put what, where?" Different tools for different jobs. While I would run the Raptors on about 50% of the...
  16. beachz

    Question for former Gen 2 owners now in a Gen 3.

    Sorry you are one of the guys in the area dictating "increased awareness" for us Raptor owners. That is a bummer. I never leave one of the Raptors parked when I travel, always the Jeep. If it gets stolen, I am good with starting a new build. :)
  17. beachz

    Gen 3 tuning

    I will just say that I patiently (somewhat, anyway) for the Cobb/Goosetuned solution for my '22 and am glad that I did.
  18. beachz

    GooseTuned Gen 3 - Baseline Dyno Runs vs Gen 2 Baseline!

    @GooseTuned I saw the G3 ID1050 install reference in the vid. Are you close to and E85 tune on that?
  19. beachz

    Trading my 2014 SVT truck for a 23 Avalanche tomorrow. Kind of misty about it.

    Uhhh, I said I was going to sell my Gen 1... Just couldn't do it.
  20. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Finally had a nice afternoon and warm enough so that my hose didn't have ice in it. :) Pulled out the pressure washer and foam cannon for the first time this year. Forgot to take a before shot but you couldn't tell what color it was because we were up in the mountains about 11k ft in the snow...
  21. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    As usual, a few days late but I installed my Retrax Pro XR and Rhino Vortex rails last Thursday after work. It came in Wednesday and I put everything together that evening and had a buddy come over and lift it in on Thursday. I already had the rails installed so the bed cover side rails were...
  22. beachz

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Actually a couple days ago but set up the Gen3 to tow the sled trailer for the first time. Have a weekend trip planned a week from tomorrow. Had to get a drop hitch because the receiver is about 3" higher than the Gen1 and larger hooks for the safety chains because the existing ones wouldn't...
  23. beachz

    We should be able to collectively spam stealerships

    Sad thing is that some moron with more money than common sense is going to pay it. I know we blame the dealerships for price gauging but it really is the market and the consumers that allow this to happen. :/
  24. beachz

    2023 Raptor Assault

    Mo' money, mo' mods! :)