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    Shes going in for the following.... what else should they look at?

    Let me know what you find out on number 4. I've had the same issue for a long while. I have taken it to two different dealers and of course when they have it, they don't hear it or it doesn't do it. Pretty sure it is an IWE issue though. I need to get mine back it since it has gotten worse...
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    OEM KO2s Cupping

    And 5 lbs heavier.
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    Mud Flaps - should I / should I not?

    I reused the factory screws on the front and they work just fine. I reused them for that reason of the screws provided being silver. The screws they provide are a little bit longer, but I have had the RokBlokz on for a year with the original screws and have had no issues. I only put the...
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    Tire wear

    I have 41,500 and am still good. I have the stock BFG's tires on my truck and it is a 35 2021.
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    Bed Divider Options?
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    Bed Divider Options?

    This probably cost an arm and a leg but I like how you can slide to where you need it on the 2024's.
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    Place a call, AA shows connected, but Sync switches to radio audio...

    I just started noticing this on mine as well. I am using an Iphone 11. Don't remember if it happened while selecting the call on the phone or using Carplay and voice commands. When it does show up on my car screen and the radio kicks on, the radio starts playing really loud. I think the...
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    Towing a large boat with the gen 3

    I have the B&W Tow & Stow with a 5" drop. With my total boat tow weight at right around 6k, I don't need the drop on the hitch. I would like to try one of the Weigh Safe ones with the tongue weight scale on it to see what my tongue weight is roughly...
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    Introducing Vorsteiner Off-Road

    My favorite looking wheel out there, but need them in a positive offset.
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    Exhaust Rattle - Cold Start

    My rattle/clicking noise is back also. Started noticing it again lately with the cooler temps in the morning. I love this truck, but I have had a lot of nagging issues that dealers can't figure out for me. More annoying than anything.
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    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    I have given up trying to even ask for updates on my truck. Very misleading on Ford's end, just like the Blue Cruise was. At least we got refunded for the Blue Cruise. Ford advertised and made OTA updates a selling point, yet we are told that some of our vehicles aren't able to get updated...
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    Anyone try the AirLyft air bags?
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    Installed 37's on Gen3 35 Raptor - no issues.

    Does anybody have pictures with 37's on the stock non-beadlock wheels?
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    Software Updates

    Yes, I called the 833-389-0848 number.
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    Software Updates

    I called several times to the OTA help line that was posted on here. Wish it were easier to get fixed without all the headache that comes with trying to get the right service tech and dealer to figure out how to do it.
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    Software Updates

    I gave my dealer those steps and still no luck.
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    Software Updates

    Give up. I have tried to get updates at two different dealer and have even called Ford before going to my last dealer visit. All I get is "your truck says it is up to date".
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Did you work for them in South Bend? I know quite a few people that do or did work there.
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    Software Updates

    Yep, just got that response today again. This was even from a different dealer I tried.
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    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    Took my truck into a different dealer and gave them the steps that @mmayo posted to get updated. I still got the answer “your truck is up to date.” I will also say, most service advisors aren’t even familiar with what these trucks have or don’t have. I also had them look into my IWE’s because I...
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    2024 Raptor

    Those wheels are ugly. Ford needs to do something better that stands out better but also serves a purpose.
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    I have seen these advertised a lot lately. Not as smart as you are probably looking for, but a fairly reasonable solution for at least the cooling part.
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    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    This is complete BS on Ford's end that they can't figure this out for a large amount of people. My truck is going in next week. I am taking in the steps that were posted on here that @mmayo dealer took.
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    Software Updates

    Set a day and a time for the updates to happen. Usually a day and time when the truck is not in use for a long period of time like overnight.