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  1. Mannyrz

    Overlanding racks, whatcha got

    On my I’m running the 10 inch kb voodoo aluminum max modular with the tonneau cover brackets and for tonneau cover I got the bak revolver x4s fully loaded it does sag the rear down with factory leafs I did order some deavers back in June which finally showed up and will be going on next week… as...
  2. Mannyrz

    Hello from SoCal (SFV)!

    Welcome and I’m not too far just a little north in scv
  3. Mannyrz

    Who’s put these on their Gen 2?

    I hope so have the full set sitting in my garage waiting for my deavers to come in
  4. Mannyrz

    Bed Bolt Spacing Gen 2 vs Gen 3

    Yep 29” to center on gen2
  5. Mannyrz

    Checking in from the desert

    Sorry typo not 700 meant 100
  6. Mannyrz

    Checking in from the desert

    I had a 2014 f150fx4 same thing happened clicking noise turned out to be broken track bought the new parts want to say was about 700 not sure it was couple years ago but it was way less than what dealer said
  7. Mannyrz

    Bed rack with Tonneau Cover?

    Was out installing the builtright bed panels that’s what it looks like rolled up
  8. Mannyrz

    Bed rack with Tonneau Cover?

    No problem Make sure you get the tonneau cover offset brackets
  9. Mannyrz

    Bed rack with Tonneau Cover?

    Thanks.. yes I am it is kind of a pain when the bed is loaded I usually throw my son in there to roll it up when we’re camping,or have to roll it up from The sides when the bed loaded. I went with the 10 inch one wish I would of gone with the 14 inch one now and dealt with the extra wind noise...
  10. Mannyrz

    Rigid Fog light install

    Just did mine this weekend had a harness done by off road alliance did 2 sets to switch 2 and the othe pair on aux 3.. maybe you could post a picture of the the harness
  11. Mannyrz

    Wondering which rigid light I have???

    Thanks again just finished installing last night harness worked out great
  12. Mannyrz

    Ford oem bed divider so cal

    Trying to sell this oem bed divider worked really good for the 2 months I used it now it just sit in the garage because I added a tonneau cover and rack on the truck and it is a hassle to to keep taking on and off I’m trying to sell it locally in so cal Santa Clarita asking for 150
  13. Mannyrz

    Krazy House Customs is trying to keep the boys busy in the Fab Shop,

    Late to the post installed these last month and absolutely love them welds look amazing the right one has the bottle openers and a flag mount.. the powder coat matches the fox orange pretty well
  14. Mannyrz

    Wondering which rigid light I have???

    thanks so much really appreciate it.. only one i was able to find was the sae after i typed in the numbers that were on the lens
  15. Mannyrz

    Wondering which rigid light I have???

    Just picked these up used.. was wondering if anyone out there knows what model each light is, so I can get an idea what switch to wire them to.. and does anyone have an recommendations on where to get some harnesses for them… by the way there going on a 2020
  16. Mannyrz

    2.7 ecoboost thoughts

    The 2.7 seams fine,definitely doesn’t feel faster for me I drive a 2017 scab xlt as my work truck and when I get in my 2020 screw raptor I definitely feel the raptor to be faster.. even my wife’s explorer sport feels quicker than the 2.7 at least for me
  17. Mannyrz

    Bed rack with Tonneau Cover?

    I just recently installed the aluminum 10 inch on voodoo modular rack with the tonneau brackets.. with a bak revolver x4s.. was really impressed with the tonneau cover thought I was going to be disappointed coming a from a retrax revolver which I really liked.. by the way I know the truck is...
  18. Mannyrz

    Gen 2 Upfitter Switch Tailgate Release Kit

    just finish installing right now simple and kit includes everything ... neighbor was walking by asked what I was doing explained to him he asked why? My answer was why not my kid loves it almost as much as moms hatch lift gate button in the explorer except mine is cooler cause it’s on a aux...
  19. Mannyrz

    Newish raptor owner

    Leave it primer gray even primered the fender flares
  20. Mannyrz

    Hey I’m up in scv I have a 2020 raptor if you would like I’m sure we can figure your fog lights...

    Hey I’m up in scv I have a 2020 raptor if you would like I’m sure we can figure your fog lights out if they haven’t been taken care of
  21. Mannyrz

    Newish raptor owner

    I guess I’m a new member first post Live in Southern California got my 2020 802a lead foot and yes it has the moon roof last year absolutely love this truck. I’ve purchased a behind the grill light bar from and also purchased his rpg bump stop...