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  1. ELmx479

    2023 Raptor 37PP For Sale

    Everything is. Covid party is over.
  2. ELmx479

    2023 Raptor 37PP For Sale

    A year old with 7000 miles is a tough sell because they are popping up at MSRP. If you can get 85k I’d take it now as the used market is dropping weekly.
  3. ELmx479

    2024 Raptor Order MSRP

    When I ordered my 22 from a different dealer he said I’ll let you know when the order bank is actually open. I had my build ready and sure enough within a day I had an email. So chances are the orders haven’t been picked up by Ford yet. I wouldn’t even bother getting a 24 but my 22 was a...
  4. ELmx479

    2024 Raptor Order MSRP

    I was told the same thing but never got an email confirmation yet like when I ordered my 22 ‍♂️
  5. ELmx479

    2021-2023 Raptors For Sales

    Yep, amazing how quickly the market has changed on them. I remember calling a dealer about a late build 22 Raptor 37 with an MSRP offer. He laughed and said wholesale is 15k over. Weeks later it was listed at 5k over. Now they are sitting at MSRP.
  6. ELmx479

    Back in a Raptor Again!

    Nice! I’m waiting on a 37 as well. Hopefully shows up with heated wheel. Also have a 24 on order just incase.
  7. ELmx479

    A (weird) 2022 vs 2023 vs 2024 thread

    I don’t have much to say but I traded a 22 for a 23 and the 23 was much better. The paint, fit n finish, ride quality, etc.. even shutting the door sounded different. Maybe it was just bad luck or a Friday build but my 22 felt “loose” in comparison. I did have the rear shocks replaced and was...
  8. ELmx479

    Do I buy my dream truck?

    I was in a very similar situation. Had a 17 Lariat paid off. Did everything I needed. Had 3 Raptors since and it’s 50/50 for me. No payment is a great feeling so it’s all personal satisfaction.
  9. ELmx479

    My canceled order arrived at my dealer. Available for MSRP. 2023 AMB 37PP - all options (Recaro, 2kW, moonroff/tailgate, etc)

    Looks to have the Heated wheel ! And the 37 package includes the graphics. It’s only listed if they are deleted.
  10. ELmx479

    2024 color options any info yet ?

    It was a favorite of mine but it seems Ford had many issues with that color. Looked great in person and showed the body lines the best while hiding dirt/water spots.
  11. ELmx479

    Who is waiting for a 2024 Raptor?

    The heated wheel is back on the late build 23’s too.
  12. ELmx479

    Did you get a gen 3 37 performance package raptor?

    I’ve had a 35” Gen 3 and a 37. Got to drive a TRX a few times which was nice to compare back to back. Absolutely loved the powertrain and driving experience the TRX offers but it stops there. Raptor is the perfect all around package for day to day use while the TRX would make a great weekend...
  13. ELmx479

    Heated Steering coming back ?

    Looks like a few trucks are showing up with heated steering wheel now.
  14. ELmx479

    Gen 3 finance rates.

    Franklin Johnstown FCU Just a small local credit union
  15. ELmx479

    Gen 3 finance rates.

    My credit union is at 4.49% Was 2.49% last year when I bought my 22
  16. ELmx479

    Found two MY23 37pp's - which one should i go with??

    What’s the vin on AMB? I know someone who bought one and the ecu failed. Dealer bought it back.
  17. ELmx479

    I'm back...third time!

    Iconic looks great in person and always looks clean.
  18. ELmx479

    23 Azure Grey available NO admin

    Not to mention the difference in value of a 37 ‍♂️
  19. ELmx479

    SOLD - 2021 Oxford White Gen 3 Raptor 35

    Strong offer for the miles.
  20. ELmx479

    Show me your Avalanche Grey

    Agreed on the silver. #1 iconic silver #2 avalanche gray
  21. ELmx479

    Tinting front windshield? Yes or no?

    Yes, PA. Knock on wood, no I haven’t. My Lariat was risky with 30 on windshield and 20 over rear windows. My 22 Raptor I had 40 and 15 on fronts and the rears to match which I believe they used 75. I drove it for a year with no inspection stickers at all.
  22. ELmx479

    Tinting front windshield? Yes or no?

    It’s all personal preference. I’ve had 30,40, and 50. 40 seems perfect Also, careful how dark the rear is tinted because it will make the windshield appear darker.
  23. ELmx479

    Any Regret Going Moving To 37"s?

    In a gen3 it’s not a big noticeable difference when driving them back to back. Maybe from the gen2 to a 37
  24. ELmx479

    2023 Avalanche Grey

    Ohh, I thought you meant F150 Tremor. I’ve driven an F350 platinum Tremor. Definitely a beast but not for daily use.
  25. ELmx479

    2023 Avalanche Grey

    I’ve considered a Tremor but never had a chance to drive one. Enjoy!