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  1. castine917

    WTB: Gen 1 driver side SVT fender vent

    Unfortunately, they are a some difficult to make pieces of plastic. Even the stick on covers cost as much as you're hoping to pay. A few years ago, I lost one. They were @$350(pair) at the time. I found some with lights for @$250.
  2. castine917

    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    They look best when they’re hauling a family or friends. Daily driving back-and-forth to work a scab looks better. I think the only solution is one of each and in every color.
  3. castine917

    2013 SVT Rotor/brakes/calipers sticking?

    I agree with swapping brake lines. My very first raptor I bought used had a caliper stick due to a brake line that would collapse. The brake line is easy to swap out and it doesn’t cost much.
  4. castine917

    Daily Driver + Sports Car --> Raptor

    I hope someone already said this. You may only be paying on one vehicle but each of those costs is increased on that one vehicle if it is a Raptor.
  5. castine917

    Regret getting Supercab over Supercrew?

    Until they make a instant conversion back and forth between the two you'll always want what you don't have when the time arises.
  6. castine917

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    I also get the message of waiting for approval to post.
  7. castine917

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Those pictures look straighter.
  8. castine917

    New Prototype Chase Light Option... Tell us what you think...

    Being a hitch mount that has to be removed to tow I would want either a 4 or 7 pin connector. Otherwise how would you keep from wrecking your light with the other wiring options while using the hitch?
  9. castine917

    GEN 1 Seek advice on repairs (Bay area)

    Fuse 27 is known to "melt" the wiring underneath. It is a fairly easy fix if caught soon enough.
  10. castine917

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Are your coil springs curving? Is the coil closer to the shock on one side instead of centered?
  11. castine917

    WTB: Stock Gen 1 Shocks - SoCal

    Correction to my other post as I just looked again at Rockauto. It is $1305.36 before taxes and shipping.
  12. castine917

    WTB: Stock Gen 1 Shocks - SoCal

    I used Hammer for rebuild exchange on mine also. Just like stated above by Bozz, I received a gauge to check pressure as I upgraded to having schrader valves. Now it appears that we can buy new stock on rock auto for @$1400 before shipping and tax.
  13. castine917

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    When it arrives you should look carefully to make sure it only drains forward. I had one that drained forward and backwards on my first Raptor and did not know until the mess was made. My current Raptor only drains forward as I think the first one should have been.
  14. castine917

    Shock rebuild in Wa state?

    I used Hammer also. Brian even made a video of a resolution for a problem I had from a local place installing my front coils wrong.
  15. castine917

    Setting up exhaust system

    If you go from headers to cutout to cats to muffler from a stock F150 you can be quieter on highway and rowdy when you want by a larger margin of decibel difference.
  16. castine917

    Livernois 6.6L

    How did you end up flex tuning?
  17. castine917

    Admin keys

    You can only clear keys that are in your possession. If the bank/dealer has a loan they may have a key that you can not clear.
  18. castine917

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    We are going to run out of bumper replacements if we all keep messing these up. ;) Mine was a deer.
  19. castine917

    Roush serpentine belt

    Between the picture and diagrams, it looks like it reduces wrap around 1 pulley and adds wrap to an idler pulley plus maybe a tiny bit of wrap to water pump.
  20. castine917

    Transmission Temp gauge not getting up to temp

    After a 30 mile highway drive with a few small hills ay about 70mph my trans was at about 155 degrees with an external temp of about 45. I didn't have stop and go, big hills, or a long drive to get you a comparison.
  21. castine917

    Looking at a low mile Gen 1

    You're already selling it before you even bought it. I only do that on investments. Is this an investment or a purchase? As an investment this truck is a bad choice with the red flags. As a purchase though it is simply overpriced.
  22. castine917

    Looking at a low mile Gen 1

    The description lists "- Matte White Wrap (Original Color: White)". I assumed they were talking exterior. Maybe they did wrap the interior. Why wrap the exterior of something so low on mileage with basically the same color? Mileage picture is 8066.5. Listing says 8500. O.P. said 9500. I...
  23. castine917

    Transmission Temp gauge not getting up to temp

    Are you climbing hills, driving a long time, doing lots of stop and go, long time on highway?