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    Cybertruck @Yosemite

    Nope. Actually looks cheap. Especially the wheels.
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    Cybertruck @Yosemite

    So me and the wife were at Yosemite this weekend and saw a Cybertruck at the lodge plugged in. Fugly.
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    Natural Bliss CBD Gummies For Ed Read Side Effects, Pros, Cons & Ingredients?

    Could someone volunteer to open all of those links and let me know if they are safe to look at
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    High mileage owners please check in

    I just hit 17000 on my 2010 Gen 1.
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    New Gen 1 Owner- Northwest Indiana

    Welcome and nice truck. Details and more pics?
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    Do we wave?

    Very close. He has more hair on his head than I do.
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    Do we wave?

    I only wave at the women :doh2:
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Happy St Patrick’s Day. I actually like it.
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    Source books for 2011 Raptor

    I have aged so much since this was posted. Maybe his windows 95 has aged also.
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    Gen 1 power steering or ?

    So your GEN 1 Raptor is hydraulic power steering with fluid. The 22 Explorer is electric power steering not sure of what the similarity would be in the noise my 2010 GEN one raptor makes a slight whining noise when turning the wheel sounds like power steering to me. Maybe try to record and post...
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    Hit a deer...

    Wow. Did a number on your truck. How big was that deer? Since you now have the FO on your grill you should insert SHO. Hope everyone was all right.
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    Finally found the Raptor I wanted without market adjustment

    These guys and gals whine about everything. Congrats on the truck.
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    Water in differential

    Omar Bradley and I guess he needed a kickass fighting vehicle
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    Rear end leak

    You sir are a human dipstick.
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    Check out my new fantasy Ford Raptor!

    You are so right. Was wondering if they had a Gen 3 in Starbucks drive though taking that speed bump out while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte?
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    2014 Ruby Red SE

    Congrats on a nice truck. What was the difference in price for the 2?
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    They are awfully quiet about what type of bourbon
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    Husky heavy duty cabinet

    Must be a malt liquor or a wine cooler.
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    RAM 1500 TRX dead after MY2024

    It’s called a reach around.