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    Not making full boost/rpm

    Sounds like CAI restriction, not enough air being supplied. I had same problem and found the supply tube feeding the air filter box blocked.
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    Installing Kicker HS10

    Julian I checked my 2018 B/O subwoofer connections to see how I would feed the HS10. I checked the clip that plugs into the OEM sub from the Amp and can not find 4 wires only 2. What am I missing.
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    '17 Raptor w/ 91 PRX MPT Tune (Datalog provided)

    I have a stock 2018 SCREW and installed the 91 octane MPT tune, very satisfied. It really wakes up the truck and the transmission is much improved. They walked me through the process and answered all my questions, good customer service.
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    Squeaks and Rattles

    I had the same problem. Found the front passenger door was not closing as tightly as the other doors by 1/8 inch. I adjusted the latch on the door frame in about 1/8 inch and no more noise.
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    WOT Boost Loss + Loud Noises

    I had the same problem. The rubber boot at the front of the air intake that goes to the filter housing came loose and sucked into the tube that feeds the box were the filter is, blocking the air flow. I had to pull it out and replace the two plastic rivets that hold it in place

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