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    ****SOLD****Four 315/70/17 BF KO2 113/110S Load Range C for sale

    What part of Northern California
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    23 Avalanche 35

    I identify as a Prius haha that’s great
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    Roof Spoiler

    So who has this on there truck
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    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    The old Dutch cleanser mine at red rock canyon
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    Minimum Post Requirement for Selling on FRF

    I believe I have 50+ post could I have access to sell some parts for gen 3 raptor
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    I’m Back!

    Congratulations and welcome back
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    Mirror Reverse Tilt?

    I just use the 360 top view seems to work good enough
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    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    Wow I just noticed this thread! Will be contacting dealership to start this process
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    Dream Truck (check)

    For wheels there are a few solid option in the for sale section
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    Dream Truck (check)

    Welcome look forward to see what you do!
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    Forged Wheels 17x9 +12 Hub Centric

    Can’t wait to see these on a truck!
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    Socal run??

    Anyone interested in getting a ride put together in Barstow possibly running the California 300 loop
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    So cal runs

    Went out to ridgecrest and pinnacles national park
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    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    Few more pictures
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    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    Took the truck out to ridgecrest to explore some mines and hit the pinnacles national park fun day!
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    Drive mode not avaialable"

    A quick follow up took the truck in and they replaced the front sensor and harness under warranty. No issues have appeared post repair
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    How little things change

    That’s funny! Love that color on your gen 3
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    37 spare on a gen 3 35”

    Thanks for sharing as I’ll be switching to 37’s here shortly
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    Forged Wheels 17x9 +12 Hub Centric

    Thank you Justin can’t wait to get these on the truck!