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    Seat Cover Opinions

    I second the marathon seat covers. I’ve got 270,000 on mine. I had to replace the bottom drivers side at around 200,000 where it started to wear a hole. I pull them off once a year and wash them. My seats still look very good underneath. The wet okles I had on a previous truck didn’t last a...
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    New member Nor Cal

    Yuba sutter area in Northern California. I think both Gen1 and Gen2 are great trucks. I’m sure the Gen3 will be too, and am glad there will be a v8 option again.
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    New member Nor Cal

    Hello everyone. New member here. Watched this forum off and on for awhile. Some great info and entertaining threads here. Thought I’d jump in. Caught the raptor bug in 2013 and bought a gen1 which I still have as my daily driver. 251,xxx and still runs like a champ. Bought a 2018 magnetic...