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    E&G Console Gun Vault

    Ran into the same issue, just used longer screws (1 5/8”) no issues.
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    Looking for a OEM Front Bumper

    I have one. Perfect condition-in AZ.
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    WTB Gen 3 OEM Bumper or trade for my Fab Fours Matrix

    I have one in perfect condition with skid plate, lights, and all of the plastic in Scottsdale. $800
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    25k markup

    Amazing how many people can’t make a simple decision…
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    Whats the best way to get in line for a 2024 R?

    Dealers don’t give allocations to Joe S..t the ragman. Call around, put the work in when the banks open.
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    Sun Visor Warning Label Covers

    I used a black Sharpie to black it out. The stickers will peel off in high heat.
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    Need gen 3 front bumper oem or after market.

    If You’re still looking, I’ll have a clean gen3 front bumper, skid plates and lights in a week. In AZ.
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    Official Raptor R PPF Thread

    Mainly in the south west. Sun and heat dry out the film and it will eventually crack and shrink. All films will do it.
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    Truck totaled ???

    His dad is a TV repairman with an awesome set of tools, he can fix it.
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    E&G Console Gun Vault

    It fits a Glock 19 and several spare mags without any issues. The opening is a bit tight, but opens up more inside.
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    E&G Console Gun Vault

    Approximate opening is 3.5” wide 10” long and 10.5” deep these are inside dimensions. Actual vault is larger.
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    E&G Console Gun Vault

    Mine took me less than 20 minutes to install. Just make sure you use longer screws that what it ships with.
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    Official Raptor R PPF Thread

    X pel stealth looks good, but not worth the $8-$10k, especially since you will need to replace it in 3-4 years depending where you live.
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    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I have the same issues with squeaking coming from the front right. I sprayed lube on the upper control arm bushings and the noises stopped but returned several days later. Re-lubed and the same result. The bushing might be the problem.
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    First Bronco Raptor Sighting!

    You see them all over Scottsdale. Not as rare as one would think.
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    Gen 3 finance rates.

    If you have a term greater than 36 months, you might want to think about a cheaper truck.
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    22’ Black 37 Raptor vs. XPEL Stealth

    Can’t see the point on spending $4k-$10k on a depreciating expenditure.
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    2021 Black Raptor 37 For Sale $82,250

    Devoid yourself of all emotion for this transaction. Six months ago you might have gotten $93k. Obviously, you have not hit the price point that the market is willing to pay. The market tells you where you need to be.
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    New order what should I expect for lead time.

    Allocations are the Purple Unicorn, without that, you will get nothing.
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    Anyone install the Roof Spoiler?

    One word. “WHY”?
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    Post pictures 37 inch tire

    Black Rhino Stadium 17x9 +12
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    Interior Cleaner / Spot Remover

    Use the Mr Clean sponge. It cleans hard water spots from bathroom tile, and it won’t scratch.
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    The death of car culture

    The next shoe to drop will be when car manufacturers say they will no longer make replacement parts for ICE vehicles more than five years old. Then you know you’re s crewed.
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    I have a gen 3 antimatter blue 37 pkg, with no tailgate appliqué coming in next month.

    Never could understand someone complaining and hating the “F-150” stamped into the tailgate, but then turn around and want a cheap piece of plastic that has “F-150” molded into it and have it stuck to their tailgate. All that thing does is collect dust and dirt behind it.