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  1. Raptor Vet

    TPMS Sensor

    I have 2018. Does anyone know if I buy tires and rims off 2023 Raptor will the TPMS work or will I need to change transmitter or update anything or just swap out old for new?
  2. Raptor Vet

    black friday...

    Why can't we have a white day of the week?
  3. Raptor Vet

    OEM KO2s Cupping

    Over pressure....38 is too between 30 and 34...rotate will get a better ride at lower pressure and MPG won't be an issue. I have had 10 to 12 sets of these BFG in my lifetime. I wouldn't have anything else . Over 60,000 miles on every set. They hold nails and screws...
  4. Raptor Vet

    Feel great finally having one of these

    I like the color
  5. Raptor Vet

    Tire wear

    60,060 miles on mine...pretty noisy and one has a slow leak but inspection not due until April...been shopping for a shop to replace mine recently . I rotated them a couple of times so all look about the same...BFG's the only way to go for me
  6. Raptor Vet

    When do you replace your tires

    When it fails Virginia state inspection...
  7. Raptor Vet

    Previous owner smoke smell

    White vinegar....mist it on floor mats or put some in bowls and leave in there over night and change cabin air filter
  8. Raptor Vet

    No Android Auto

    I have a 2018 and Android auto was working great.....I loved Goggle maps on the the phone/text option were way better....Now when I hit the ap search I get the message " No aps found"....can't seem to get them reloaded...Any suggestions?
  9. Raptor Vet

    Hood and bedside decals

    Had mine removed when it was brand new...before delivery
  10. Raptor Vet

    Does anyone use Water Treatment Systems for washing your trucks?

    So I bought The "Spotless Water System"...I don't really see that much difference...maybe my water wasn't that bad to start with...maybe I am doing something wrong...I wouldn't buy it again...My son said "dang Dad your truck must be awful special if you bought all that just to...
  11. Raptor Vet

    Maps and Android Auto

    My aps have vanished....was using ANDROID AUTO and Goggle maps...can't figure out how to reload...really miss them
  12. Raptor Vet

    Ford Aps Gone....Can't Sync with phone

    "Seek Up" button?....thanks for the response
  13. Raptor Vet

    Ford Aps Gone....Can't Sync with phone

    My Ford aps gone. When I try to bring them up....says "No Aps." I was using Android auto and really miss it. Please advise. Thanks
  14. Raptor Vet

    Does anyone use Water Treatment Systems for washing your trucks?

    I am ready to try it...Is this the same as the commercial car wash bays when you select "spot free rinse"?....because that works very well....just rinse off and drive home....99% spot free ....unbelievable or is this different....can the spot free rinse be achieved like the car bay water by...
  15. Raptor Vet

    2023 and towing a boat

    Put your cooler and beer in the back of the boat....and maybe your girl friend
  16. Raptor Vet

    Irregular tire wear

    Lower your tire cost nothing
  17. Raptor Vet

    Totally Unrelated

    Most folks that buy a Cadillac....just use their EBT card....just saying
  18. Raptor Vet

    BFG K02s Mileage

    53,000 on mine....inspection due in April...we will see if passes
  19. Raptor Vet

    My R license plate approved

    Let's see them....that's awesome
  20. Raptor Vet

    I can't go on sport mode ..why i can only do normal and weather mode?

    Maybe doesn't have Raptor off road technology package...just guessing
  21. Raptor Vet

    Thank you all

    No GEN 1....come on Joker!!
  22. Raptor Vet

    Replacing Brake Pads, No Rotor

    Why would your pads be worn out at 36 K miles?....
  23. Raptor Vet

    Baja lights

    Just have your buddy turn on all his lights....and the rest of us won't need any