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  1. CoolrainRaptor

    Oil change interval

    As did I.... then found out I need to tell the guy at the counter it was with FULL synthetic. They have been using the mix.....
  2. CoolrainRaptor

    From Porsche 911 to Raptor

    Remove stickers and expel stealth to get the satin look..
  3. CoolrainRaptor

    Graphics or no Graphics

    Same... Xpel Stealth, even the price mine was $7200. Just make sure they wrap the full mirrors... I had to point that out to the shop when they left a "line" and didn't full wrap it fully (literally the unwrapped part was facing out with the mirrors folded, takes away the function of the wrap...
  4. CoolrainRaptor

    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    Not at all however I do go to a "handwashing" place. They use pressure washer type wands and the bed is always dry... maybe it was how the car wash sprayed down the bed?. Had a big rain storm here a few weeks back and again the bed was dry. I would say don't bother with the "weather stripping"...
  5. CoolrainRaptor

    Things to check after taking delivery

    So I think everyone sees how ALL prices are going up… you think the oil change in 2 years is going to be what it is today? Something to think about
  6. CoolrainRaptor

    Orange Raptors with colored rims.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.... lets see those pics!!
  7. CoolrainRaptor

    Drive Control Fault

    Just got this - what did it end up being?
  8. CoolrainRaptor

    Limited year for

    People see the auctions on TV and the stories on the web about rare finds and think they are investing in gold or something. Maybe an R will return a good $$ however the chances are more likely that it will just keep its value better than others and when Bidens inflation steam rolls ahead you...
  9. CoolrainRaptor

    Bakflip MX4 issue!

    I found that removing the weather strip solved the issue. The "rubber flap" seems to be keeping all the water out and I have been through downpours with the truck sitting and driving at various speeds Note: I do check the handles underneath that are securing the rails once in a while to ensure...
  10. CoolrainRaptor

    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    X4s for the win .. no water in the bed, looks great, and full access to the bed when its rolled up
  11. CoolrainRaptor

    Bed Liner Reviews

    Line X for the win Make sure they disconnect the battery before removing the tailgate! You will get an error message (I think rear parking sensors if memory serves) that needs reset by the dealer..... If it still happens then be sure to keep quiet about what was done before the error and just...
  12. CoolrainRaptor

    Factory fogs for sale

    I have a set as well... wonder if @Specialtyperformanceparts has any buyback offers for older purchases?
  13. CoolrainRaptor

    Things to check after taking delivery

    Good luck ever buying a new vehicle...
  14. CoolrainRaptor

    Very weak HVAC under certain conditions?

    It struggles at times… once cool it can keep it cool but as you said the fan speed can be an issue Design issue in my observation
  15. CoolrainRaptor

    AC Fan Speed Randomly Changes - Non Auto Mode

    I wonder if this is software related. I know the system slows the fan when your listening to a text, navigation is giving directions, or have a phone etc. could be a bug in the programming
  16. CoolrainRaptor

    Is Full PPF Worth it?

    "non-stealth" - I would say no. With leadfoot the stealth changed the look exactly how I wanted...... protection and a satin look - perfecto
  17. CoolrainRaptor

    Gen 3 self driving hacks

    Confirm - exact same thing. Something I just thought of.... when we have to pass the Prius on the right because the pompous ***** wont get over does it still hug the middle dashes or is it still going right? now I have to test it
  18. CoolrainRaptor

    Painted my skid plate and bumper

    Added to the must do list - and you are correct Plastidip is simple to repair
  19. CoolrainRaptor

    Raptor R Orders

    $129k+ .... wow guess I'm not balling enough
  20. CoolrainRaptor

    Carbon Fiber Bead Lock Trim Rings

    Complete the look .... black lug nuts
  21. CoolrainRaptor

    Clunking sound on Gen 3 too

    Salty much?! Hi, I'm from Chile and I have the same problem with my gen3 2022. The sound comes from the pedals and the floor on the driver's side. I've taken it to Ford twice and they only say that it's normal and that they don't hear anything strange (haha, they know that is not normal and if...