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  1. EMY92

    Price of the Day!

    Then sell them for $4000. Get you coming and going.
  2. EMY92

    2024 color options any info yet ?

    Bring back Lightning Blue (as seen to the left). The Gen 3s have had AMB which I find to be too dark, there has also been another light blue, but it was too dull.
  3. EMY92

    2024 F-150

    I don't care for the colors available. I currently have a Rapid Red that's OK, but I wouldn't pick it again. I miss the Lightning Blue that I had on my Gen2, you can see it in my profile picture. I have a neighbor with an antimatter blue Bronco. I would see it drive by each morning as I...
  4. EMY92

    A/C issue. Sometimes it’s blows hard and sometimes barely

    Same thing happened to me, when I took my truck in, I had the TSB printed out and sitting on the console. Made sure that I didn't get the "we couldn't replicate the issue".
  5. EMY92

    16.4 mpg on 1464 mile road trip - details below

    Did you only drive downhill? I averaged that from Breckenridge, CO to Amarillo, TX, but it was very much all downhill.
  6. EMY92

    2024 Raptor

    I wonder when we will see an order guide for the 2024s? I'm thinking about talking to my neighbor that owns a dealership to see if I can get a decent deal on an R.
  7. EMY92

    Question for former Gen 2 owners now in a Gen 3.

    As you can see from my profile picture, I had a Gen 2. I miss the color and I still think the front end of the Gen 2 looks better than the Gen 3. The Gen 3 interior blows away the Gen 2. The lone exception to the better interior is that I do not care for the alcantra inserts in the seats, I...
  8. EMY92

    Ac stopped blowing air

    Here's the TSB for your issue. It's been an issue for years that Ford hasn't decided to fix:
  9. EMY92

    Ford performance school

    I've gone twice and enjoyed both.
  10. EMY92

    Windshield Wiper Issues

    Looks like many of us will be getting a recall notice for the wiper issue soon.
  11. EMY92

    ADM closer to ending?

    Rising interest rates are eliminating a percentage of buyers since they can no longer meet the monthly payment. The overall economic weakness and high cost of everything else is impacting people's ability to drop that much on a vehicle. If it wasn't for the high inflation, it would almost be a...
  12. EMY92

    Dealership service wait time

    When I took mine in, I could have had it checked out in a few days. I did schedule an appointment for 2 weeks later. They diagnosed it in a day (it helped that I had printed out the TSB and left it in the truck). I could have left the truck in to wait for parts and the repair, but I...
  13. EMY92

    Auto soap products

    I use a rinseless most often, I'm currently using ONR, but will be switching back to Chemical Guy's rinse less, I liked it better. When I break out the foam cannon, I use McKee's 37 Extreme Foam (I need to buy more and see that the price has jumped $20/gal since last time - thanks Joe!).
  14. EMY92

    Fall clean-up

    I had Columbus Day off, so I spent several hours on my ride. I used the foam cannon (usually I do rinse less washes), then added a graphene topper to the ceramic coating. I also used Adam's VRT for the first time. I was a big fan of McKee's 37 Tire Coating, but it looks like they now call it...
  15. EMY92

    Another 37 package question regarding the graphics delete package

    It is required due to the 37 being a different model truck. One of the Ford engineers discussed it in one of the videos released after the 3rd Gen was announced. For EPA purposes, the 37 is a different model, it has different fuel efficiencies shown on the Monroney sticker.
  16. EMY92

    In production for 2 months is this normal?

    If your truck isn't in production for 2 or more months, then you really miss out on the Gen3 experience. For the record, mine was in production for 2 months, then sat another 6 weeks awaiting shipping.
  17. EMY92

    Doggo owners, what’s your front to back seat barrier?

    After ditching the hammock type for my Gen2, I did get this one for my Gen3. It works well. It's great for a tall dog.
  18. EMY92

    What is this for

    It's for nursing baby Raptors.
  19. EMY92

    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    Where I live, it's not much of a concern. However, if I go to DFW, Austin, Houston, or especially San Antonio, the truck can be in Mexico before you know it's gone.
  20. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    I'd say that's a design issue and not something that can be easily fixed.
  21. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Got the word on my truck today. The issue is what is covered by the TSB. I did give a printed copy of the TSB to the dealer when I dropped it off.
  22. EMY92

    Live traffic

    I think you have to be navigating for the traffic to appear. It only appears on your route.
  23. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Give the dealer this TSB, it's easy to check and honestly, since this has been an issue for 7 years across many Ford vehicles, they should have had a decent guess on what it is.
  24. EMY92

    Anyone use a truck cover for outside parking?

    I would worry about dragging the cover over dirt and dust and scratching the truck more than I'd worry about the sun. Use a good coating or similar that has some UV protection and call it a day.