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  1. Ron Lanza

    Husky Wheel Well Liner Install

    I disagree, the husky liners are very clean looking. They hide most of the holes and are much easier to keep looking clean. Good luck scrubbing dried mud off your spray in liners. Just my opinion!!
  2. Ron Lanza

    No more shiny scratched window pillars…

    American trucks, But they don't carry the ones I got anymore. They switched vendors and my buddy got the current ones they sell. The quality is garbage compaired to mine. I know because I put his on and they are not worth getting. He is currently trying to fine the ones from the other company...
  3. Ron Lanza

    GEN 2 Gen 2 more problematic than Gen 1?

    No issues at all on my 2020 SCAB, AKA the last year of the SCAB...
  4. Ron Lanza

    Finally scored a Raptor

    Silver never looks dirty, unlike my velocity blue.. Nice truck, great find..
  5. Ron Lanza

    Hey fellas

    Get rid of the fence or your gonna have more problems soon!!
  6. Ron Lanza

    Finally got my dream 21' in Velocity Blue!

    Velocity Blue is the best color for any Gen Raptor!! Enjoy turning heads Sir, Love your pictures..
  7. Ron Lanza

    looking for SVG for rear tailgate raptor logo

    I don’t have any idea what an avg file even is. Sorry if I gave you the impression I had such a thing..
  8. Ron Lanza

    looking for SVG for rear tailgate raptor logo

    I have no idea what a svg file is so I'm not sure what exactly you're asking? I have both back and front done in C/F letters. I also made the one for the hood to match the gen 3 Do you have something that you can make C/F emblems if you have this file? 
  9. Ron Lanza

    No more shiny scratched window pillars…

    I never thought the glossy made any sense on an off-road truck. Love the way these made it look so much more solid..
  10. Ron Lanza

    Cheap Carbon Fiber upgrade Gen 2

    Less is more, it's not a Lambo...
  11. Ron Lanza

    Which height for level

    Go for the Eibach springs, my 2020 scab is perfectly level and rides great.
  12. Ron Lanza

    Real world MPG

    15.1 all day long!!!
  13. Ron Lanza

    Color Change Wrap

    Look amazing love It but cannot justify the cost!!
  14. Ron Lanza

    Paint imperfection

    Do not risk letting them paint your truck!! Just cover it with a decal or stop looking at it. They will only make matters worse....
  15. Ron Lanza

    Color Change Wrap

    Look Amazing and when you get tired of it you can pull it off and have new truck. How much does something like that cost to get done? If you got to ask, you probably can't afford it! Probably true...
  16. Ron Lanza

    Defective Hood Graphics

    I don't see any of the flattening out like mine are doing, again. What year is your truck? Mines a 2020 and I wonder if they changed to softer vinal so they wouldn't crack like yours are doing. And now they just melt to a flattened down look. Either way mine are not long for this world. I will...
  17. Ron Lanza

    Less is more!!

    2K for these stickers and they can’t handle the heat of the sun and engine!! WTF….
  18. Ron Lanza

    Less is more!!

    Getting ready to pull the hood graphics off as well. Had ford replace them twice and the are melting/ getting flattened again again now that it’s getting hot in GA
  19. Ron Lanza

    Less is more!!

    I think it shows off the lines of the truck more without all the outlines. Just the word Raptor looks bolder
  20. Ron Lanza

    1.5” RPG Collars

    SCAB’s don’t squat!!