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    Normal wrinkle in seat

    I had mine replaced at the dealer today for that same wrinkle. The new one is less tight than the original and is already wrinkling in the drive home. The passenger seat looks fine. Ford has a whole warranty thing out now that it is not warrantable with pictures of their inferior seat cover. To...
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    FINALLY Received my truck after 595 days

    I don't have the energy to figure out the days but with an order in October 2021 it's been about 16 months for me. I finally gave up and paid $1k over for a '22 in December at another dealer who had a truck almost identical to my order that was coming in for their lot. My original truck is still...
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    Dealer increased price after waiting 16 months?!

    Probably didn’t get what you ordered if it’s a 23 with no heated wheel and mirrors and no tail gate.
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    Raptor R available

    Imagine- John Lennon. It will never happen.
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    In production but with deletes

    Be Careful with the Line-X. My dealer warned them about the thickness at the tailgate because I warned him based on what I saw here. They still put it on too thick and the tailgate would kick back when auto-closing. They tried adjusting it but then it didn't fit well and was out 1/4 to 3/8 on...
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    Decisions Decisions 2022 Raptor order

    The R may never get built. That is the more likely outcome for most of them that have been ordered. I picked up the 22 that I didn’t order. I will wait and see if the 23 or the R ever show and decide from there.
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    Balanced Out

    My 13th month old October 2021 order which balanced out in August/September 2022 is still an Unscheduled Clean 2023. I found a 2022 that is the same build in September at another dealer. It was due in “any time now”. Finally two months later it is there. It has the tailgate, the hot steering...
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    Decisions Decisions 2022 Raptor order

    Here is the latest update to my thread: The "President's Award" dealer called me a week ago to tell me that his rep told them that the R was not going to come. He is going to keep it on order and see what happens. Maybe it will help if it has been on order for a year when the '24s come out to...
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    Decisions Decisions 2022 Raptor order

    Exactly. I ordered ONE truck a year ago and was told that they had the location and the truck never came. Per the previous commenter, I do not have multiple regular Raptors on order. One 22 that was ordered a ago and now converted to a 23 and an R which may never come. The truck that is coming...
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    Decisions Decisions 2022 Raptor order

    So my saga started one year ago when I ordered a 2022 pretty much loaded Raptor from a dealer in a medium sized town. They "guessed" about 6 months to get the truck. After months of Ford Performance replies of "Unscheduled Clean", it turned into "Balanced Out" back in August or September...
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    Purchasing at MSRP?

    Two things: I had a 22 Raptor on order since 10/27/21. The video on price protection previously in this thread refers to Maverick over and over and I didn't hear anything about Raptor. My dealer said that Raptor is a specialty vehicle and that the price protection does not apply AND my '22 that...
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    Balanced Out

    So my dealer says that I lose all "price protection" since it was balanced out. Is that what everyone else is finding? Also were there options like adaptive cruise and others that should have been on the original spec sheet but now are not available that makes the price gap larger between what I...
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    Balanced Out

    On today's check with Ford Performance after months of "Unscheduled-Clean" on my almost 11 month old October 27, 2022 order the answer was "Unscheduled - Balance Out The order will not be produced because the model year has balanced out." Now what?
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    I got one!

    The email from Ford means nothing. I got one. Two days later the dealer got notified that they weren’t going to get it and canceled the order. It was priority code 19. I had the Ford email and the order confirmation. Meaningless. A buddy at another dealership told me they weren’t getting any...
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Yep. What do those priority codes mean though?
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Priority 10, 15, 19. What is the meaning?
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    37 vs 35 Gen 3.

    Sorry, new to this. What is the applique deal? and is it based on order date or date built or what?
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    ADM and destroyed dealer relationships?

    They are out there. I paid MSRP.
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    Realistic to get a 35 for MSRP?

    I ordered one of my dealers allocation for MSRP. Dealer said he couldn’t face customers on the street if he did that.
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    Tracker just updated!

    What does blend date mean?
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    Talk me off the ledge

    I ordered a 22 35 on October 27th. Nothing yet but the first email. Are people who ordered 37s after that getting vin numbers and build dates already or is that one guy the exception?
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    Crazy - Delivery date 2/14. got call this am. Your truck is here

    My ADM was $0. Dealer said he couldn’t face someone after charging them an extra $10 to $20k over MSRP.
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    Order 22 (37) order with allocation (Question)

    I got my "ordered" email from Ford on 10/27. Have people with orders shortly before or after that got the "scheduled to build" date email yet?