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  1. Muchmore

    Holy Moly
  2. Muchmore

    Who did this

    He drives it there the next day!
  3. Muchmore

    Old Man Build

    Ha, no joke!
  4. Muchmore

    Old Man Build

    You can only do so much with 17"wheels but still.
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    Need help w Performance Parts

    God forbid you ever get in sand in 2wd! Try romping on it and you will be calling the dentist to get those fillings shaken loose put back in.
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    Old Man Build

    Any videography equipment has been strictly forbidden in the bedroom after "the incident" don't ask..... :oops: Kidding, kidding.
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    Old Man Build

    For that reason I wrapped my bed posts.
  8. Muchmore

    Old Man Build

    Man, Everytime I see these stockers it's almost embarrassing.
  9. Muchmore

    Spilled coffee

    Was it a Big Q or Route 44?
  10. Muchmore

    GEN 2 Heavily tuned 3.5 grenades…

    My gawd that thing got hot to *** that stuff up into a ball like that. 137k on an aggressive E85 tune. Not bad.
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    :Big Laugh: Maybe this one is different?:Big Laugh:
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    If it were the song "Toxic" by her, I would understand. :Big Laugh:
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    Trails/Off-road in near Arkansas

    When are you thinking?
  14. Muchmore

    White Smoke (different than beaten to death topic) *sorta*

    Absolutely no problem at all, totally normal, no different than seeing your own breath. The drier the air the more you see AND it looks really cool when you get on it and you have those twin Death Swirls like jetwash. Take me to bed or lose me forever Goose!!!
  15. Muchmore

    Potential Gen 2 Owner with some question

    PRIUS! PRIUS! Did someone say Prius?????? :Big Laugh::Big Laugh::Big Laugh:
  16. Muchmore

    New Tire Time, What's Good These Days?

    They are (almost) ALL quiet at first :Big Laugh:
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    Raptors go through a train tunnel!!

    One of these days I'm convinced we are going to find the Ark of the Covenant!
  18. Muchmore

    Raptors go through a train tunnel!!

    What are you talking about, I drive my Raptor thru a train tunnel every day to go to work! :Big Laugh:
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    Do I buy my dream truck?

    This leads to more doctors bills......DAMHIK :oops:
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    Raptors at Bonneville Salt Flats!

    Out of curiosity, at 120mph was no one tuned?
  21. Muchmore

    New Velociraptor owner......

    Who will tow who home? :)
  22. Muchmore

    PTSD and me

    Man I feel your pain. I saw some things myself in JR ROTC. Things you can't unsee. We were deep in the woods behind the concession stands and the girl next to me took a honey bee sting right on her hand. She went down, hard. In a heap of tears we carried her for 3ft to the cart we had ridden...
  23. Muchmore

    Raptor Round & Round

    HI--YAH FIVE!! :)