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    No need to remove the coil, just jack the truck up to the point the tire is just off the ground. You can squeeze the spacer and the airbag in between the coils.
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    Just got back from towing my 8 1/2' x 20' trailer with a 3000lb car inside (400 mile round trip). Total weight is around 6500lbs. I'm using a Equalizer WD hitch with this setup and the airbags when I took this picture were at 20psi. Took some measurements and had 1/2" of squat in the rear with...
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    Finally got around to installing the airbags this weekend. The install can be done without removing the springs but it sure was a pain to squeeze the airbag in between the spring, the more you flatten it the wider it makes it. Overall straight forward install, I ran the airlines through the...
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    Just got my airbags delivered, should be installing them in the next week and will report back. My trailer is 20'x8.5' and is 3300lbs empty. I measured and had 2 1/8" of sag as seen in the photo. I have a weight distribution hitch but am waiting on the proper shank to connect it. Once I have...
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    Ordering them as well, had my 20x8.5 enclosed trailer (3300lbs empty) connected this weekend. Has 2" to 2 1/4" of sag in the rear without the weight distribution hitch.
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    Would the airbags at minimum pressure impact the rider or be noticeable?
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    Cheap and quick cubby light

    Installed one base on this recommendation, my only complaint is that the light reflects off of the passenger side window at night. I have darker tints so it may make it worse, but you can see the LED reflection. The color however does seem to match well.
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    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    10/22 Truck Got the update yesterday! Full screen CarPlay
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    2023 Raptor Assault

    Just got my letter in the mail this week! I'm figuring out a good time to go.
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    GEN3 Forscan

    I have a 10/2022 build and the glare-free lighting has been working, was the first thing I did when I got Forscan.
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    GEN3 Key Fob

    This might be a dumb question, but is the Raptor key fob supposed to come with the Raptor logo on it or the Ford logo? My 22' has the ford logo.
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    Educate me on this transmission

    Had a hard downshift yesterday while driving up a steep hill and accelerating hard, the truck downshifted and the RPM's quickly went to over 6k and the tach went red. Got off the gas and all was fine, but I think it downshift to many gears. Anyone else experience anything similar? Before...
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    Mileage at Delivery

    Got my 22 a month ago and it had 71 miles on it.
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Has anyone tried the Unreal Theme? I got it to work with the climate bar but found it more annoying to switch between menus so I switched back.
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    2022 Bed Extender?

    Has anyone tried the AMP research bed extender? Looking at the installation guide it has a template and you need to drill holes for their mount.
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    Just got my '22 CO Raptor, but.....

    Everything I read on this forum about Code Orange was spot on, all pictures make it look Red but it is totally not in person. First time seeing the color was 8 days ago when I picked it up at the dealer and I couldn't be more happy. Is there any way to make an iPhone camera show the color...
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    6 days since I picked it up at the dealer!
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    Pre-Black Friday Sales Start NOW - Must Subscribe for Early Deals by 11/15/22 (See Post for Details)

    Just signed up, is it too late to get a code? I need some light brackets
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Has anyone been able to use Forscan to remove the "Full View Not Available" message on the Tailgate camera view when driving?
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    Build Week 10/24/2022

    22' 37PP 9/16/22 Blend Date 10/12/22 Built Shipped and still waiting Hopefully mine is on this same truck to CT.