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  1. jnall

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Got back from shop. Replaced timing belt, alternator, plugs, painted bumpers, hood, grill. Only 171k miles.
  2. jnall

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Yeah I guess they don’t pay the shop guys enough.
  3. jnall

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Dropped off at buddies shop. He has 3 Ford performance mechanics on his staff to maintain his collection of 38 mustangs. They are going to revamp the 171k mileage truck.
  4. jnall

    GEN 1 Fox Shocks Rebuild

    I used TSW. Bought rebuilt grade A shocks and sent them my old ones.
  5. jnall

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Washed outside and engine. Parked in garage.
  6. jnall

    What, if any, are your regrets with your Raptor?

    I have 171k miles on it.
  7. jnall

    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    Purchased a brand new G1 2010 with a 5.4l. Drove it until 2016 and got a Toyota TRD Pro. Drove it until nov And got a RAM 2500HD for towing tractor…. I will trade trucks, but the 2010 G1 stays in the garage. Fantastic truck even with 167k miles on it.
  8. jnall

    They’re ruining our fun fellas.

    Butt boy said you need to buy an electric vehicle.
  9. jnall

    Uh oh .... I don't think the raptor is an SVT anymore .

    Typical, that's what you get when companies move to Mexico. The TRD Pro Tundra is looking better all the time.
  10. jnall

    2016 [2017*] Raptor test mule spy shots

    looks like it going downhill
  11. jnall

    40" light bar behind grille?

    bought a cheap one ($126) off of ebay and put behind grill and it does get blocked some. Did a test up against my buddies Rigid ($1K+) and we can not tell the difference.
  12. jnall

    Stupid Things People Say About Raptors

    Apple watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:supergay:
  13. jnall

    highest mileage?

    112,000 on the 5.4 2010 scab. My buddy has 114,000 on his 2013 screw.
  14. jnall

    Duratrac for sale

    Got 4 in the garage 325/65/18 with about 60% left on them. Anybody interested?
  15. jnall

    Is it me or am I noticing a lot of members are getting rid of their Rap's

    My 14 year old gets the 10' SCAB about the same time I will get a new one.
  16. jnall

    Goodyear Duratrac's or something else?

    damn thing would go into a "death" wobble when I would hit it. Suspension is fine.