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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    It might be hard to sell at that price, they aren’t even breaking 130 at auction anymore. You might actually have to keep it and drive it lol.
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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    Come on man you already have it for sale. At least enjoy it for a little lol.
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    2024 Markup…?

    I feel the same way but prices are falling fast. Last month they were going for 140+ and now they aren’t even hitting 130 at auction.
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    Assessment on current market conditions - thoughts?

    Fair enough. I just threw that comment out there in hopes someone reads it before spending 140k plus fees on BaT.
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    Assessment on current market conditions - thoughts?

    After calling around for a raptor r, it seems that 25k over will get most deals done.
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    2024 Raptor R order difficulties.

    Last week, when the 2024 Raptor R was announced, I began calling dealers to place an order. I've called over 30 dealerships, and only one let me order a Raptor R. The other dealerships all said they could not order one due to allocations. More than half of the dealerships I called didn't even...
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    Looking for a Raptor R…

    Bro really looked up all the old posts about buying a Raptor R to try to sell them one with a 50k mark up.
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    Raptor R Price?

    There’s a piece of paper that comes with every new vehicle that shows how much it cost. My advice is to list it for a little less than the price that’s on that piece of paper due to depreciation.
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    What is this??

    Do you have the 2.0kw pro power onboard? If so it goes to that. It’s a plug protector they attach for transit to the dealership.
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    I finally got a Gen 3, but I might not keep it for long.

    I kept my raptor. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. It’s been my dream truck ever since I was 10.
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    Need to find a gen 3 asap. Willing to pay 5k or 10k over. In Texas

    Arrow ford in Abilene is asking for 8k over sticker.
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    I finally got a Gen 3, but I might not keep it for long.

    Back in February, I placed an order for a 2022 raptor at MSRP, but after a month of waiting for my raptor, the dealership called me saying they were out of allocations and had to cancel my order. After not being able to find another dealership willing to sell me a raptor allocation at MSRP, I...
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    Poor quality bed camera

    I got my raptor 6 days ago and the bed camera quality is exactly the same as yours. It’s a little disappointing to be honest.
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    Giving up on getting an allocation.

    It’s different here in Abilene. I’ve seen about 5 gen 3 raptors, but I’ve only seen 3 Trxs. It’s probably due the fact the ford dealership here got 6 allocations and sold them at msrp. While the ram dealership is charging 10k over for Trx orders.
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    Giving up on getting an allocation.

    I paid 84k for my build (75k after discount) With price increases it would be around 89 to order now. A fully loaded trx will run you over 100k.
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    Giving up on getting an allocation.

    Before I placed my original raptor order, I was comparing it to the trx. However, paying 90k for a truck before TTL seemed insane. Because of that, I chose to place an order for a raptor. About a month after placing my original raptor order, it was canceled due to the dealer not having an...
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    Canceled order

    I have a feeling they canceled to add an ADM.
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    Canceled order

    About a month ago, after two months of searching, I found a dealer that would let me order a raptor at MSRP. The next day, I drove three hours to the dealer to spec it out and pay the deposit. After I paid the deposit, I was told that I would either get an email or phone call saying my order had...