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  1. figure1a

    I don't like the exhaust

    The loudness isn't as bad as the fact the exhaust sounds like someone who had to buy the V6 Charger because they couldn't afford the Hellcat so they put some fart cans on the exhaust. It sounds fine when you are ripping Baja style through the desert but around town when you have to step on the...
  2. figure1a

    Baja Designs Linkable Bumper Light Kit & Triple Fog & Upfitter Relay Box & Camera Relocate Install

    Yes, 3D printed. The file is here: You will want to make sure it is printed with something that can handle high temps as it gets hot in the engine bay. A lot of 3D printer material can get soft when subjected to heat. I used 3M...
  3. figure1a

    Baja Designs XL Linkable Kit Installed

    Here's what that BD linkable kit looks like in the Raptor camera without doing a camera relocate:
  4. figure1a

    Baja Designs Linkable Bumper Light Kit & Triple Fog & Upfitter Relay Box & Camera Relocate Install

    The connector comes with the breaker. It fits into the connection. I solder the hell out of mine so it becomes like a solid chunk of metal. Then you put the connector into the breaker and secure it with the set screw. No fading issues. But I did replace two of the pods with XL80s to make it...
  5. figure1a

    Baja Designs Linkable Bumper Light Kit & Triple Fog & Upfitter Relay Box & Camera Relocate Install

    Yes, that all sounds correct. I used this waterproof relay box: I used this waterproof breaker: I had to make my own custom mount for the relay box. I made it fit between the Ford fuse box and the sheet metal with no extra space so that the...
  6. figure1a

    Baja Designs Linkable Bumper Light Kit & Triple Fog & Upfitter Relay Box & Camera Relocate Install

    1. You can see in one of the pics of the breaker and the wire to the battery. Not much too it. I always make the wire from the breaker to the battery as short as possible. 2. Relay box is pretty simple but at the same time mind boggling as you always have so many wires. I couldn't give you any...
  7. figure1a

    Baja Designs XL Linkable Kit Installed

    With my BD XL Linkable kit, the pods were pretty big in the camera view and pretty much destroyed the 360 view (llooked like I had Mickey Mouse ears on the front of my truck). Camera relocate kit fixed it...
  8. figure1a

    Baja Designs XL Linkable Kit Installed

    What about front camera relocate? Surely, they would need that done to make the front camera useful again.
  9. figure1a

    Door sill protection

    I believe you would use maxi pads for something like that.
  10. figure1a

    Sport Mode...Engage.

    Well, just make sure to leave some pu$$y for the rest of us.
  11. figure1a

    Rear Clicking/Tapping Noise

    If the rear drivers side seat is not latched, it will make the noise you are describing. If latched properly, you should not be able to move it with your hand at all.
  12. figure1a

    Normal or Sport mode around town

    No one is impressed by our V6 sound. Keep it in normal and hope no one notices.
  13. figure1a

    Intermittent Charging from Center Console

    Problem with wireless mat chargers and iPhones is the camera bump creates a void/space between the phone and the mat resulting in a inefficient/bad charging situation which makes the phone get hot, charging to be slow or charge loses connection easily. Use this instead...
  14. figure1a

    Fiberglass Fender Issues

    I would think that just misalignment would result in a rub but not cracks like that. Either you hit something or someone hit you.
  15. figure1a

    Prinsu Roof Rack Review

    Not sure if you saw in an earlier post but I did contact Prinsu and they really did not give a **** about my issues and pretty much told me not their problem.
  16. figure1a

    LP6's on the Bumper

    I used this one:
  17. figure1a

    LP6's on the Bumper

    You can always do a camera relocate kit and then just put the lights that you want on there where you really want them.
  18. figure1a

    Drop In Air Filter?

    Why not just use the OEM?
  19. figure1a

    Prinsu Roof Rack Review

    The saga continues. I don't know why I am surprised when I find new issues at this point. I should just realize I have the sh!itiest rack ever made. After nearly a year, my rack developed at vibration at 80MPH+ (sounds like a helicopter above me). I figured some of my bolts were loose but they...
  20. figure1a

    Baja Designs 677803 XL80 Driving/Combo Auxillary Kit NEW
  21. figure1a

    HELP- Removing Front License Plate Bracket

    Just drill them out. Only takes a minute at most.
  22. figure1a

    Issue with radar detectors?

    Do you have laser turned on? Do you have an iPhone? The face recognition on an iPhone will make the 360Max false alarm all the time. Possibly even sensors in the Gen3 will set off the 360Max too. If look a the inside of your Gen3 with a infrared camera you can see the truck is scanning stuff all...
  23. figure1a

    Bumper Fitment

    2nd this. Someone else on this forum had the same issue. Dealer fixed it but said it was a major PITA to loosen the exhaust system and adjust that 1".
  24. figure1a

    Performance Oil Filter

    2nd staying with motorcraft. They run it on millions of vehicles so they have some pretty good data.
  25. figure1a

    2021 going in for 15,000 mile service

    They have a list. It's mostly do a quick once over on the truck for leaks. Hook it up to the computer to check for codes. Then squeeze lube into all the zirc fittings. Oil change. I usually rotate at 10K because the most I ever get out of KO2s is about 20K.

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