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  1. deadeye99

    Sync3 Info System with major bugs—what to do?

    Mine was acting up about a year ago after a sync update that didn't install properly. I went on Fords website and downloaded the newest sync update, they use your vin#, and I reset sync and installed the update through the usb. No problems since and saved a trip to the dealer. Hope this helps. Bob
  2. deadeye99

    Water Leak - Passenger Side

    I had this issue on my gen 2. Checked a/c and moonroof. No issues but the passenger carpet and the door sill were wet. Door sill was full of water. I found 4 rubber plugs were never installed from the factory, where the a pillar runs down the firewall, inside the front fender. I got them from...
  3. deadeye99

    Check those cabin filters

    I did mine yesterday. 20K miles. Not too bad but it was dirtier than I expected and the A/C is blowing colder than before.
  4. deadeye99

    Mirror tap or Fuse box?

    I used the mirror tap kit and it was fast and easy and the results were clean.
  5. deadeye99

    2020 Raptor with 4800 miles is still leaking water inside

    I will ad my experience here hoping it helps someone. I have a 2020 also. A couple of months ago I smelled moisture and found the passenger carpet was soaked. i pulled off the Ford performance plate and the entire channel was full of water. I researched this and all the usual suspects, ac...
  6. deadeye99

    Sync v3.4 Update Out

    I did this last week. My update was stuck halfway for weeks and sync was so slow it was unusable. I suggest going to and enter your vin number. Follow the instructions to format a usb and download the update. Turn off the auto update if you can, do a soft reset and try the usb. This...
  7. deadeye99

    Valentine 1, Direct-Wire Kit

    +1 for the blend mount and wire tap. It is only on when the truck is running.
  8. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    I would like to follow up on this. The dealership replaced the wiring harness. They had to remove the grill and headlights and work behind the dashboard also. The tech was fantastic, you can’t tell anything was touched and 4 months and 5000 miles later I have had no issues and my truck runs...
  9. deadeye99

    iPod quit playing this week

    Update. It works now! There’s no power switch or shutdown in the settings on the old iPod nano. I found a YouTube of the buttons to hold down to reset it and now it plays perfectly again. Menu and center buttons until the apple logo appears. Hope this helps someone.
  10. deadeye99

    What's up with Gen 2 prices recently?

    My truck had a 74k sticker and I paid 68 in July of 2020. I don’t know what it’s worth, it’s not for sale.
  11. deadeye99

    Upgraded Wheel Question

    I just bought a set of bead locks last week. From a 2020. I found that in South Florida they don’t seem to sell when priced much above 2k. I saw some with worn tires and no pressure sensors at 12-1400. These had good tires and sensors for under 2k. Try Craigslist, OfferUp and Facebook market.
  12. deadeye99

    Best wheels for Raptor

    Just bought a set of factory bead locks off of a 2020 for my 2020. Keep looking on OfferUp and Craigslist. I have seen them as low as 1200 for 4 wheels with worn tires and no pressure sensors and up from there. 1800~2200 with good tires and pressure sensors.
  13. deadeye99

    iPod quit playing this week

    Probably a good idea. I have 3 kids and all 3 are Gators!
  14. deadeye99

    iPod quit playing this week

    It’s well over 10 years old but it has a big library of music on it. I was going to leave it in my last truck but I plugged it into the Raptor and it worked perfectly, for months.
  15. deadeye99

    iPod quit playing this week

    That’s the strange thing. It hooked up with no problems and worked for many months and then just stopped working this week. Old iPod so no iOS update.
  16. deadeye99

    iPod quit playing this week

    As the title says my iPod shows up on my sources and so do the song titles and covers but it won’t play. It plays fine if I unplug it. I’ve tried changing settings but I’m at a loss. It’s worked flawlessly for 8 months now. 2020 802a. Thanks in advance.
  17. deadeye99

    GEN 2 Window Tint

    I did 5% all around and blue 80 on the windshield and sunroof. Huge difference in the heat with the new ceramic tints. I’ve done my vehicles dark since the late 70’s and only one ticket.
  18. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    He could not find any of the pins out of place or anything in or around the connections that would cause a problem. I looked at it myself with a light and glasses and I couldn’t see anything out of place on either side of the plug. He was truly trying to find a solution that didn’t involve the...
  19. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    These rookie tech concerns are what I have been concerned about. I stopped in today and met with the service manager and the mechanic/tech. They were very accommodating and actually quite knowledgeable. The large plug for the engine wiring harness has some sort of loose connection. With the...
  20. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    Thank you Sir. This is exactly the advice I was looking for. I am not getting a warm fuzzy feeling regarding the ability of the tech. They will Not let me talk to him. It’s a smaller dealership so it might be above their ability.
  21. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    They are working with me but I don’t know what codes are showing up. They said catalytic sensor. I was surprised that it wouldn’t be more specific and asked if they had a top of the line scanner. They said laptop.
  22. deadeye99

    2020 check engine light issue.

    I have a 2020 Raptor with 6300 miles. The check engine light came on the beginning of December with the message in the Ford pass app “the Engine Control System has detected an electrical concern with one of the exhaust emission sensors.” The light comes and goes, on for a couple days and off for...
  23. deadeye99

    POLICE got me again......

    Just a thought. Turn off the location when you take the picture. They may try to verify when and where it was taken.