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    91 tune to a 93 tune using octane booster

    Hope I posted this in the right thread lol. But anyways I run 91 octane fuel on my 91 tune. I am looking to use a 93 tune by using octane booster since Cali only has 91 octane fuel in my area. Does anyone have experiences using octane booster? TA!
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    GEN 2 Flashing Engine Light

    Hmm even when I didn’t have the scorcher and had only the 91 tune it would overheat when I floored it from stop to about 80mph. Also I have both because I thought you can run a tune with the controller to get more Hp and Tq. Am I not able to?
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    GEN 2 Flashing Engine Light

    I have a 2018 Ford Raptor with a 91 octane tune from Diablo i3 tuner, AFE track series open intake, and the AFE scorcher boost controller. When flooring it in Race mode on the scorcher while having the truck setting in Sport, with the 91 tune my check engine light starts to flash. But, when I...