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    New sticky please GEN2 owners pics

    After painting the geyser Springs I went with the trim rings and stripe
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    2021 Code orange new member

    I have a question for Scott I have a 2018 I was pulling out the shock and my spindle fell pulling apart my CV joint only on the spindle side what’s the best way to reattach that and good luck on your 2021
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    JLT Oil Separator Quest -- No Oil Residue

    I got this little amount after 8 to 10,000 miles now have over 50,000 miles on my 2018
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    GEN 2 Front sensors not working - Dealership says new bumper first

    my 2018 gets defaults when hard off roading or heavy rain I have to pull over shut it down and it resets goes back to work maybe try a reset By maybe unplugging it
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    Center Console Issue

    I have similar on my 2018 on the steering wheel pretty sure there from rubbing on it type marks do you put your phone there by chance
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    When to replace rotors?

    what about replacing calipers after 60 K or 70 K isn’t it the best way to go
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    Baja Designs: General Discussion Thread - GEN 2

    here is my 40 inch rigid with custom mounting plates and a protection bar it’s pretty big slightly covers View when pulling up to a Prius bumper
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    GEN 2 End links loose?

    can you tell me how many miles it had on it and how rough did you drive it and is the project a DIY
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    doin+2 RPG shackles and + 4 sd

    hey thanks for the input yeah they’re running about an inch higher in front I ran them pretty hard for a few hundred miles will see ,probably stick with the shackles for a while unless I tow it seems like a big hassle to change them
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    doin+2 RPG shackles and + 4 sd

    Put on the geysers with the plusthrees and the drop shackles RPG with the bump stops ended up a bit low not sure if I should change it or how ,works good
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    Best Idea Upfitter Switch

    Hi attached my 40 inch rigid to the stock bumper and proceeded from there
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    47,000 on my 18 but full throttle and no response

    Thanks I’m gonna try that !
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    47,000 on my 18 but full throttle and no response

    I picked up my lead foot in October 17’ , it’s had sunroof problems, steering wheel lose, window spray bottle broke but I’m ready to do some more mods ,now the throttle went flat When I pushed it down to the floor on a small dirt and grass up hill in sport mode, tried mud@sand mode did a lot...
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    doin+2 RPG shackles and + 4 sd

    I am pulling the trigger on this set up with geiser upfront hoping for a little rake ,for loading not sure how it’s gonna work out has anybody else tried this ? my 18 has the 35KM3 i’m also going with the RPG bump stop with the fox 2.5
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    So who's heading to Baja next week for the 1000?

    See you there I am in a 18 leadfoot four-door With 40 inch lightbar on bumper and KM3 have eyes out for your blue raptor at Paris, contingency or starting line , we will be following trophy trucks during the race , on the road of course