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  1. RaptorRnr

    Want to order a Ranger Raptor

    I ordered mine in CA from Napa Ford. He commented they had an allocation of two and I was the first. Just ordered last week.
  2. RaptorRnr

    Yakima OverHaul HD Rack and RETRAX Pro for Ford Raptor or F-150 5.5 bed

    Regarding your Bug Slinger, you don't need the side rails for that. The Yakima rack is definitely sturdy enough to handle the load on top. We carried surfboards on top of ours regularly.
  3. RaptorRnr

    Yakima OverHaul HD Rack and RETRAX Pro for Ford Raptor or F-150 5.5 bed

    Checkout Yakima dot com > Shop > Truck Rack > Truck Rack Accessories for the various options.
  4. RaptorRnr

    Yakima OverHaul HD Rack and RETRAX Pro for Ford Raptor or F-150 5.5 bed

    Yakima sells both the "SideBar, Short Bed" and the "SideBar, Long Bed". They are adjustable in length. 36-64 for the short and 50-84 for the long. I had the short bed model. This can accommodate additional accessories like traction board mounts, RotopaX mounts, etc. This rack system was really...
  5. RaptorRnr

    Yakima OverHaul HD Rack and RETRAX Pro for Ford Raptor or F-150 5.5 bed

    Nope. Sold it. Good luck. The most difficult thing to find is the cross member bars.
  6. RaptorRnr

    Yakima OverHaul HD Rack and RETRAX Pro for Ford Raptor or F-150 5.5 bed

    Hey. I'm selling the combination of my Yakima OverHaul HD rack along with a RETRAX Pro. This system includes the Yakima OverHaul HD height adjustable rack system, including two sidebars (short bed model) with traction board mount, plus the Yakima SupDawg Premium Rooftop Sup and Surfboard Mount...
  7. RaptorRnr

    Gas Tank Reserve

    I recall seeing somewhere, although I can't find a reference to it, that there used to be a requirement for 10% reserve for tanks after they hit empty or zero miles to empty. That would translate to 3.6 gallons on the SCREW. Based on driving habits you could potentially go another 45 miles. If...
  8. RaptorRnr

    Replacement engine break in

    Nice truck. That's my second favorite color after Ford Performance Blue. I too have those Fuel wheels. But I don't off-road with them. I'm actually getting ready to sell them as I tend to offroad on a whim and don't want to swap the sets. Enjoy!
  9. RaptorRnr

    Bay Area Newbie Checking In

    Congrats on the truck. I have a Ford Performance Blue and I'm biased that it's the best color. Only offered 2 years ('19 and '20). I'm in the East Bay myself. I've done day trips to Stonyford. There are some good long trails up there. But not the desert runs the truck is built for. It's 2.5-3...
  10. RaptorRnr

    NorCal Rallycross in a Raptor?!?!

    I'm in NorCal as well. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing. Another fun place I discovered recently is Stonyford. I haven't taken the Raptor there yet but some of the trails are definitely wide enough. I've taken my RZR through them. They're a blast. Stick to the fire roads. One of my favorite...
  11. RaptorRnr

    New tailights

    I wish there were a set of flood lights that shined the Raptor logo shadow on the ground like the Mustang does from the factory. Aftermarket would be great. I do wonder if that is an inside lens element due to the abuse mirrors get from rocks, bugs, rain and dirt.
  12. RaptorRnr

    Hard Roll/Hard Fold/Retractable...which is most secure?

    I have a Retrax on my Raptor and a BakFlip on my F-350. The Retrax can be pushed open, even when locked. The BakFlip could probably be pried open using a crowbar fairly easily. I would not recommend either if you're really concerned with break-ins. From What I have seen, @John M is referencing...
  13. RaptorRnr

    You cant tow with a Raptor

    Once I properly set my load distribution hitch the sag ceased. I also upgraded to +3s to assist with the sag and improve the off-road performance. This trailer was around 450 at the hitch, which is right at the limit and weighed about 7000 pounds loaded. I used an Andersen weight distributing...
  14. RaptorRnr

    Some Water in Intake

    I found when I went through the 4x4 area at a local OHV park that the mud caked the underside of my hood. Every part of my engine compartment was covered brown in mud. Fortunately, no damage but I won't be driving fast in to deep mud/water going forward.
  15. RaptorRnr

    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    I have the RetraxPRO XR on my Raptor. The unit was on my two previous F-150s (2015 and 2017), now my 2020 Raptor. I upgraded from the MX to the XR so that I could use the integrated Yakima OverHaul HD slide in rack. Retrax sold me just the rails so that I didn't have to replace the roller...
  16. RaptorRnr

    Mount a Pro Eagle Jack to a Built Right System

    I bought one of these to attach to the pressure washer for cleaning the undercarriage. $30 on Amazon. It works better than I expected. On my F350 Tremor, I took the truck through mud aggressively. It was fun but covered the exhaust cooler. I didn't know that was a thing until the engine...
  17. RaptorRnr

    Mount a Pro Eagle Jack to a Built Right System

    I bought a HighLift and then sold it shortly after I got my truck. I sold it because I kept seeing that they weren't set up to work well with the Raptor/F-150 jack lift points. If it slips or tilts rear or front it would damage the tailgate or grill. I ended up buying a HighLift for my Polaris...
  18. RaptorRnr

    Raptor to Shelby F250

    This was before mud...
  19. RaptorRnr

    Raptor to Shelby F250

    I needed fifth wheel towing and ordered an F-350 Tremor in March. It arrived in October. I found out during the delay that the spray-in bed liner and the fifth wheel package were the two delayed items. The bed liner was part of the Black Appearance Package, which I really wanted. It included...
  20. RaptorRnr

    Hard fold vs retractable tonneau

    I have a Retrax Pro on my Raptor and a BakFlip on my F-350 (short bed 6.75'). The Retrax was on my 2015 and 2017 F-150s. I upgraded to the Retrax Pro rails like @amREADY but kept the same bed cover mechanism when I picked up the Yakima rack last year. It saved me money using the cover but...
  21. RaptorRnr

    2020 Bead-lock Questions

    Make sure the state(s) you plan to drive in allow a bead lock setup on the road. Here in CA, it's not legal on surface streets. I've heard of Highway Patrols running down vehicles headed to the Pismo (Oceano) Dunes for running on the freeway. I'd probably do the rings myself but I'm too lazy to...
  22. RaptorRnr

    Atlas blue

    We needed the added towing of an F350 and picked up an Atlas Blue Tremor. These pictures show it next to a 2020 Ford Performance Blue Raptor. It's very difficult to tell what the color looks like for either Atlas or Antimatter until you see it in person. And, different light is a factor for...
  23. RaptorRnr

    New Member of the Family - Adding a Tremor

    We brought home a 2022 F-350 Tremor last night. Ordered it in March. Found out in July it was delayed due to the fifth wheel package and the spray in bed liner. I wanted the Black Appearance Package, but that included the bed liner and had to change to the Sport Package. We needed to tow our...
  24. RaptorRnr

    Ford Gen3 Raptor and it's future- R's in greater #'s?

    I think RAM built the truck they wanted to compete with the Raptor. Both RAM and Ford pull from the parts bin to build their trucks and then add some customization. Ford specifically built a stronger, wider frame and added specific suspension components so that the truck could do what it was...